The Sacristy of the Circle

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More impressive than the stone materials used to craft this haven is the shape
of the room itself - a perfect circle. The obsidian wall stretches upward as
far as the eye can see, and is met at its base by an expansive granite floor.
The room is illuminated by a mysterious glow from above, source unknown.

In the center of the room is a large rostrum, made of andesite, rhyolite, and
dacite. On the rostrum sits an obsidian pedestal, atop which sits the Nash
Bible. Beside the pedestal is the Reliquary of the Circle, glowing
The Reliquary of the Circle rests here.

Look North:
Along the northern edge of the Circle, masterfully chiseled into the obsidian
wall, are the tenets of the Nashite Circle of Choice.

Look East:
Along the eastern edge of the Circle you see an immense, beautifully painted
mural. The mural depicts Schwartz's Enlightenment and his first meeting with
Lord Nash.

Look South:
Along the southern edge of the Circle you see various items that tell the
story of Schwartz's mortal life. A large plaque, made of wood and framed in
scoria, rests against the wall. Next to the plaque you see a map, although
its purpose is unclear from this distance. Adjacent to the map are what
appear to be pages from Schwartz's journal, something carried with him on all
his travels.

Look West:
Along the western edge of the Circle you see the chancel arch,
constructed of grey basalt and perfectly framing the Crest of the Circle.

Look Up:
Your eyes have difficulty seeing beyond the mysterious light source to the
ceiling above. Surely there must be one, but not that you can tell.

Look Down:
The expansive granite floor is unlike any you've seen before. As you stand
here, marveling at the floor, you notice it seems to be ...moving? Is that
possible? Yes, yes it is moving, rotating ever so slowly around the rostrum
in the center of the room.

Look plaque:
Prior to becoming a demigod, Schwartz took a very lengthy path over many
many countless years as he struggled to learn the ways of the Realm.
Throughout his journey he was supported by dozens and dozens of people - too
many to list without leaving someone out. He appreciates them, and they know
who they are.

A special thanks to Coleman, who offered Schwartz a refuge not once, but
twice. Being honored with the title of Mirth's only ordained mortal was
something Schwartz will never forget, and his Mirth brothers and sisters will
forever have a place with him.

Schwartz came to a crossing in his life, and journeyed outside this Realm for
many years. He learned much about himself and studied his path further, with
the hope he might reach enlightenment some day.

Schwartz returned to the Realm, finding that Coleman had also taken a journey
and just returned as well. While Coleman was re-acquainting himself with the
Realm, Lady Cordir offered Schwartz refuge, training, education, and
camaraderie. Schwartz's stay with Cordir's Chosen of Fate was brief but
memorable, and important to Schwartz's journey and growth.

It became clear to Schwartz that he had a higher calling, something more
divine than the mortal world could offer him. He sought immortality and was
granted it by the Great Implementor himself.

While exploring the Realm through his immortal eyes, he happened upon the
Temple of Nash. It was there he met the Arch-Lich of the Black Conclave, and
they had many lengthy discussions about Lord Nash himself. It was during
these conversations that Lich agreed to educate Schwartz on the ways of the
immortal world, at the direction of Lord Nash himself.

Had he never met the Arch-Lich, he would not have met Lord Nash and would
still be searching for his true purpose, his one calling.

Look map:
It looks like Schwartz was trying to make sense of the Realm's geography. You
see a patchwork of old and new maps with arrows and question marks. Amidst
the chaotic product of these efforts, you see earlier notes next to the
Southern Continent and a few more recent circles around Ofcol, Living Lands,
and Midgaard.

Look journal pages:
Two pages of Schwartz's journal are fastened to the wall in front of you.
Both are rough and have seen better days, but it is clear that one is much
older than the other.

It is difficult to make out some of the scrawling on the older page, but you
can make out something about large MG exp ill-fated trip to the
Longship led by Lancelot (where pc corpses were outpacing mob corpses several
times over)...finally reaching effective 30 as the Realm shifted, only to lose
it...Syrinx hits 50!?!

The newer page is easier to read but more difficult to decipher. Everything
seems to have a question mark next to it. Mish? Lower Hall? Southern
Continent? Jill? Mt. Molotov? IDs can be marked? Simple rings? Bounty
hunters? Ordained mortals?

Look tenets
The tenets are broken into several categories:

ENTRY - Entering the following
RULES - Religious rules of the following
RANKS - Structure and ranks of the following

Look entry
Prospective followers must seek out a member of the Circle Elite to be
sponsored. In addition to completing a quest as assigned by the Elite sponsor,
the prospective follower must complete 10th level mobmastery and be fully
equipped at the time of joining. Upon joining, the new follower will identify
the manner in which they will praise Lord Nash, as Lord Nash must always be

Those listed as Enemies of the Circle will not be given consideration.

Look rules:
The Nashite Circle of Choice has two religious rules:

1. Lord Nash's name must be praised.
2. Do no harm to a fellow Nashite.

Look Ranks:
Ranks within the Circle
There are five recognized titles within the following: Elite, Acolyte,
Apprentices, Council, and Advocate. Elite are the highest ranked group in the
following, followed by the Acolytes and the Apprentices. Council and Advocate
are special designations of service to the following independent of tenure and
thus do not factor into the ranking.

The Nashite Circle of Choice Elite (aka Circle Elite) is an honor awarded to
any follower who has achieved the maximum level in one or more classes. The
Circle Elite serve as general advisors and mentors to younger characters and
individual Elite must sponsor those who wish to quest for admittance.

Acolytes of the Nashite Circle of Choice are those who have completed

All followers who have not yet achieved Confirmation are Apprentices.

The Council of the Nashite Circle of Choice (aka Council) is the governing
body of the following. It has as many as five mortal members and act in the
best interests of the following. The Council are recognized representatives of
the following, and can act as such in following-following conflict resolution
and related matters.

Advocates are those who have chosen to serve the following by seeking
retribution from our enemies. Advocates are allowed significant latitude to
accomplish their goal and honor Lord Nash. Theft and killing are two
recognized methods of retaliation, but they are only two of the tools in the
Advocate's diverse arsenal.