Following: Caradoc

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Led By Caradoc
Created April 1994
Disbanded 1998
Alignment Evil
Future Immortal Followers Sirak

Following Description / FINFO:

Caradoc's following took its name from his nickname - 'The Eldest Evil'.


Min [ Wa:18             ] Minotaura the rabid
Hum [ Wa:26             ] Badger the Greater Demon Slayer
Hel [ Wa:25 Th:24 Ma:25 ] Lynis the Demon Slayer

(taken from a log of Estrelle & Crowbar's wedding, date unknown)

Requirements for Entry

As part of their daily tasks, the Eldest Evil followers would race to the Elemental Canyon, deliberately catch plague, and then race back to the Guild to infect as many others as possible.

Additional Notes

  • The Eldest Evil -- in February 2012, Caradoc visited TFC. He was interviewed on gossip by Maimer, and chatted a bit about his following.