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Led By Jerald
Holy Symbol (Blue Aura) a small candle-shaped silver pin
Temple Jeralds Hall

Following Description / FINFO:


[ 9] Jerald: on faith, my plans, and the future.

Thu Jun 18 19:50:12 1998
To: all
Reality screams with a bright promise for something more-
something besides a sword, a wench, a empty life of murder and lies,
a desire t' create, not destroy, to live, not to die...
to truly savor the marrow of life, not just mere existance,

Come, sit by the fire, and I'll spin you a tale,
a tale not of what was, but what might be,
of service, and learning, and giving...
of friendship, and fellowship, and a future-
not of blood and war, not of death and sadness, but of bright tales,
flowing mead, and the desire to be something, anything,
save the cold and heartless butchers the world desires.
Come to be, sit by my fire, and tell me a tale. Give me a chance to believe,
and I promise to give that same chance to thee.

The fire is open, all you need to do is but speak, and I'll let you in.

[ 2] Jerald: Cordir.

Fri Jun 19 17:12:21 1998
To followers of: Jerald
Since Cordir has made it clear that she feels I am a 'farce' and takes exception to my existence
and sphere of influence, you are to treat her as though she were evil, or better yet have nothing
to do with her.

[ 16] Duff: Knight of jerald.

Fri Aug 28 13:30:14 1998
To: all followers
To be a knight of Jerald, is to be a thing devine,
to be a knight of Jerald, is to fight for right from wrong!
to be a knight of Jerald, is to be a great desire,
to be a knight of Jerald. is to be a follower with pride!


Min [    Th: 9 Ma:11    ] Heartsbane, Beauty=Truth, therefore ART=Education.
Hum [    Wa: 9 Cl:11    ] Sorliea maiden of the ARTS      *Jerald*

Sorliea, Lankor, Darkheart, Duff, Gwenhwyfar

Requirements for Entry


  • The temple for the following was installed on July 4th, 1998.

Additional Notes



Log created by [[Darkheart]

Jerald ftells, 'I found out las' night tha' th' Hall will nae exist until th' 4th.'.
Jerald ftells, 'well, I saw mae temple, an' I hae t' say I like it. I like it more than when I drafted th' plans an sent them.'.

You ftell (in common), '*eyebrow* Hired a good architect, huh?'.

Jerald ftells, '*chuckle* aye, I suppose so :)'.
Jerald ftells, 'unfortunately th' plane tis on tis nae this one...nae yet.'.

You ftell (in common), 'If you build it, they will come... (sheesh- it's quote night for me tonight *grin*)'.
You ftell (in common), 'So are we still on 6 recruits?'.

Jerald ftells, '*laugh* well, tha' is actually part o' mae hope. People ask after mae temple, an' I figured t'would be nice for them t' see th' Hall.'.
Jerald ftells, '*ponder* nae sure, actually. We mae hae 8.'.
Jerald ftells, 'I'd hae t' think about it.'.

You ftell (in common), '*bounce* '.
You ftell (in common), 'Just kill me if I'm getting too personal there :)'.

Jerald ftells, 'nae, but I will be going for a while. ooc: I have to go buy a shovel :)'.

You ftell (in common), 'bye milord :)'.