Jeralds Hall

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(Taken from a log by Darkheart)

Jeralds Hall
[Exits: north]
The sweet smell of cedar, mingled with the tang of wood smoke greets you
as you enter the room. A wide platform runs along the edge of the room,
on a level with the doorway you came in. The eastern and western sides of
this platform have stairs, leading down into a recessed area. In the
middle of this area is a large fire, the smoke of which disappears through
a small hole in the roof. Four trestle tables, one in each corner of the
recessed area, allow the faithful to work on their projects, to eat a meal
within the temple, and when removed, allow dancing. On the platform
itself are bookshelves, statuary, paintings, instruments, and other
examples of both finished projects and the tools necessary to work.
Inscribed in letters of glowing silver, all along the top of the walls,
are what appear to be Jeralds rules.
A golden chair, well worn but of excellent workmanship, stands against the southern wall.