Area Writing Procedure

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The general procedure for completing an area is as follows:

  1. Submit proposal to Tokugawa. Please submit proposal as text within the email, not as an attachment.
  2. Proposal received and reviewed by Tokugawa.
  3. Proposal returned for revisions or clarifications and resubmitted OR proposal accepted.
  4. Tynian creates area forum for author. Communication now takes place on forum.
  5. Author reads TFC Style Guide and begins work on the area.
  6. Author submits vnum map, 3 sample rooms, mobs, and objects. (See here for vnum map example.)
  7. Vnum map and samples are approved OR returned for editing.
  8. Vnum range is assigned.
  9. Author continues working on area, and then submits first draft.
  10. First draft is reviewed, and any changes necessary are made by the author.
  11. If necessary, second draft is submitted and reviewed, and any changes necessary are made by the author and/or Tamar.
  12. Area is installed on test port for walk-through(s).
  13. Final editing is completed by Tokugawa & Tamar.
  14. Area is installed on TFC.

Additional information for writing areas can be found in the following locations: