Area File Layout

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An area file is laid out using a series of BLOCKS. Each block starts with a control structure that tells the MUD what kind of data is contained in the block. Following the control structure are the records holding the data. After the final record in a block, a control marker occurs indicating the block is finished.

All blocks are optional, and you may have only ONE of each type. However, some blocks force the use of other blocks. For example, if you have a block of mobs or objects, you are forced to have a block of the resets to load them into the area. Or if you have rooms in the file, you MUST have an area header block.

There are 11 kinds of blocks:

For ease of reading, they MUST be used in the order listed above.

Following all the blocks, the last line of the area file must contain the control marker signifying the "end of file". This is the string "#$" on a line all by itself. If this is omitted, the area will NOT load.

An area file is laid out like this, then:

#AREA { 1 2} Author Area_Name~ F 1

help record 1
help record 2
0 $~

mob record 1
mob record 2

obj record 1
obj record 2

room record 1
room record 2

string record 1
string record 2

reset record 1
reset record 2

shop record 1
shop record 2

specfun record 1
specfun record 2

rspec record 1
rspec record 2

trigger record 1
trigger record 2