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The block start with the string #HELPS , followed by one or more help records, and ending with the string 0 $~ .

This is an example of a helps block:

record1: see below for a help record for layout
record2: see below for a help record for layout
record3: see below for a help record for layout
0 $~

A help record is laid out as follows:


A: This is the lowest level player that can read the help. A 0 means everyone can read it.

B: This is a list of keywords that are used to reference the help.

C: This is a tilde (the squiggly hyphen).

D: This is the text of the help. The text should be composed of lines no longer than 75 characters, and do NOT use tabs to align things as they cause weird problems.

E: This is a tilde.

An example of a help record/block:

This is a sample help to show you what a help would look like. Had this been<br> 
a real help, there theoretically would be useful, informative, or otherwise <br>
beneficial information contained herein. 
This is another sample help that would only be seen by effective leve 50 and <br>
above.  Disclaimer from original sample still stands.
0 $~