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A: The room's vnum.

B: The room's name.

C: The room's description.

D: The room's area number.

E: The room's set of flags.

F: The room's terrain type.

G: This is the room's north exit.

H: This is the room's east exit.

I: This is the room's south exit.

J: This is the room's west exit.

K: This is the room's up exit.

L: This is the room's down exit.

M: This is the room's extra description.

N: This must be an S.

Layout of a Room Record













#ROOMS Block Structure

The block start with the string #ROOMS without quotes, followed by one or more room records, and ending with the string #0 without quotes.

This is an example of a rooms block:

room 1: see above for layout
room 2: see above for layout
room 3: see above for layout


This number identifies the room to the MUD for loading purposes and other functions. The Syntax is:


XX is the number assigned to your area. YY is a number between 00 and 99 identifying a particular room in the area. No duplicates vnum's are allowed. ie #4710 is room 10 in area 47.


This is the title of the room. Make it a short, descriptive phrase, with a tilde at the end.


This is the description of the room. It is often many lines long, but please limit it to less than 15 if at all possible. Each line should have only 75 characters in it to avoid line wrap problems. Following the block of text is a tilde on a line all by itself. If you are planning on having extra description in the room, then this description should have some hint for the player to look for one.

Area Number

This is identical to the number that was assigned to your area. Fundamentally, it means nothing, but fill it in anyhow.


Get the numbers from the appropriate part of the flag list. If none are chosen, enter a 0.


You must choose one, and only one, type. Chose it from the appropriate part of the flag list. If you choose Underwater, you MUST flag it No-Trans.


All doors are coded using the same format. You may NOT have more than one exit in a direction (meaning you cannot have, say, 2 north exits), and list them in the order given above. If a door is NOT used just go to the next door, do not put in blank lines. If, however, you wish to describe a wall or a look direction, create a door with the location vnum of -1. It is allowed to make a room with no exits.

A door follows this format:




4 5 6


1: This is the door number. Choose from the following list for correct values:

north: D0

east: D1

south: D2

west: D3

up  : D4

down: D5

2: This is the description of the wall/door. Generally it should be only one line long, although multiple lines are allowed. Each line, however, must be only 75 characters long to avoid line wrap problems. Following it should be a tilde on a line all by itself. If there is no description, a tilde still is required.

If you are placing the "exit description" with a door, remember if the door is closed they will still see the exit description. You don't want this when someone looks at the door/exit:

You see a room full of orcs.

The door is closed.

3: This is the name and list of keywords for interacting with the door. The first in the list is the door name which appears in the "The DOORNAME is closed" messages if you do not specify a separate description (number field 7). The others are synonyms. Directions are not required in this list - they are default synonyms. If there is no name used, a tilde is still required.

The first word in this line is what players in the room will see when someone opens or closes the door and you have not specified something in field 7. For example do not put "wooden door", use "door wooden". The reason for this is that if wooden is used, then players will see this: Player opens the wooden.

4: This is the door type. The following values are allowed:

-1 : This door goes nowhere. This setting is commonly used when you want to have a description for a wall/direction, but do not want it to actually be a connection point to another room.

0  : It is not a door just an exit that goes somewhere, such as a street.

1  : This is a door. If locked, passdoor and pick will open it.

2  : This is a door. If locked, a key is required to open it.

3  : This is a trap. Used in conjunction with spec_collapse. Must be a down.

4  : This is reserved. Tynian to update.

5: This is the vnum of the key that opens the door, if it is locked. If the door has no lock, use 0 or -1 for the key number.

6: This is the vnum of the room the door leads to. If the door is included merely for a wall description or effect and leads nowhere, use -1.

7: This is a optional field for specify the name of the door that would be displayed when someone opens it, closes it, and so on. If this is omitted, the keywords are used instead.

The syntax for this field is:


name of door~

The syntax must be exactly as shown with an O on the first line, and the string on the second line followed immediately by a tilde. Do NOT start the string with "a" or "the" or any variants like that...the Mud will add "the" to the front of this string before displaying it.

Extra Descriptions

These are coded EXACTLY like the extra description for objects. You may have none, one, or multiple extra descriptions. Repeat this block as needed, but do not include blank lines if there are no extra descriptions.

The extra description is laid out as:





1: The letter "E" is placed on a line by itself.

2: This is the list of keywords that identify this description. The syntax follows the same rules as all other names and keywords.

3: This is the description. It should contain lines no longer than 75 or so characters so that no line wrap problems occur.

4: This must be a tilde. Nothing else can go on the line.

Closing a Room Record

The final line in a room record MUST be an S. There is no why. An S and nothing but an S is acceptable.

Example of a Room


The Hut of Herman~

You stand in Herman's hut...and if you have any brains, you will leave

before Herman finds you here.


47 8 0


The door serves as an exit to the street.



1 0 4711


When you look down at the ground you see a dirt floor.



0 0 -1


dirt floor~

The dirt of this floor is ugly and stained black in spots.