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(Taken from The Final Challenge homepage.)

The Final Challenge (TFC) is a multi-user dungeon (MUD) - an online text-based multi-player game - that people play at all hours of the day or night for free.

TFC has been on-line since 1994, and has a strong, devoted community of players from all over the world. It is heavily modified from its merc beginnings, and is currently at version 4.21b. It has a large, coherent world of some 161 areas, more than 93% of which are original and unique to the realm.

Newcomers to muds are encouraged to read our help pages for information on what a mud is and how to play. You can also view the TFC Forums, where players talk about subjects related to the game.

Why TFC?

Some key differences between TFC and other muds today is:

  • There is a highly active immortal staff who develops varying quests for the characters that reside in TFC to participate.
  • TFC can be followed on social media sites: Facebook, and Twitter.

Policy and Rules

TFC Rules for players can be found within the Policy Information section. It is highly recommended that anyone playing TFC become familiar with the policies of the realm.

Within TFC there is a list of "FYI's". These FYI's should also be considered rules and recommendations to follow when in the realm of TFC.

Player-Supplied Information

  • There are areas within the Wiki for newcomers. Please refer to the Category of "Newbie Help" for areas of the Wiki that contain helpful information. Also, be sure to check out the Newbie Help section of the Wiki!
  • Newcomers online are affectionately called "Newbies".