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TFC Rules for Players

TFC is run in a multi-user environment to provide fun for those who
enjoy DnD flavor RPGs. Doing so brings together people from all over
the world with whom you can hone and develop your RPG skills. But as
with every endeavor, there are some ground rules that must be followed.
They are grouped by category, each accessed by typing HELP CategoryName.
We expect each player to follow these rules, both in spirit and to the

POLICY1 : Rules about creating, running, and logging on characters
POLICY2 : Rules about mortal-immortal interactions
POLICY3A: Things you are required to do or not to do, Part 1
POLICY3B: Things you are required to do or not to do, Part 2
POLICY4 : Rules on player killing and stealing from players
POLICY5 : Policies on lost passwords, lost equipment, and the like
POLICY6 : Disciplinary Statement
POLICY7 : Unauthorized access to or disruption of computer resources
POLICY8 : Accusations of cheating
POLICY9 : Real-life threats