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Official Information

(FYI is an acronym for For Your Information)

TFC offers several message lists for communication, each for a certain
use. Some lists have limits on the number of notes they can contain, and
they will automatically scroll out old messages as they fill up. Some
lists also have various posting restrictions. We expect people to use the
lists as intended, and abuse of the lists can lead to disciplinary action.

The FYI list is for policy notes, and only God+ can post here. The BUG list
is for reporting things which you think are bugs in the code. The TYPO list
is for reporting typos in rooms, messages, or anywhere else you see them.
The BOARD list is for messages for your fellow followers (or your following).
Lastly, the NOTE list is for messages to all, or to particular people, with
topics other than those assigned to another list.

There are several subcommands to using any of these lists. To view those
about reading messages, type HELP READING. To view those about posting
messages, type HELP POSTING.

Player-Supplied Information

  • For a peek at OLD FYIs, dating from 1994 through 2000, visit FYI OLD. (Please note that only the FYIs currently listed above delineate existing mud policy.)