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Official Information


VERSION displays the current TFC version number. A TFC version number looks
like the following: 3.22d, where the 3 indicates a major version (and
almost never changes), the 22 represents a new feature release, and the d
represents a bug fix release. New feature releases (e.g. 3.22) will
usually be accompanied by a note describing the new features. A bug fix
release (e.g. 3.22a or 3.22b) is often not announced as a posted note,
since they usually fix problems reported on the bug list (HELP BUG for
more details).

If a bug report states that a particular bug was fixed after a particular
version (e.g. Fixed version 3.22e+), check the current version number to
insure that the fixed version (or later) is running, before you post a bug
report. If, for example, a report states that a bug is fixed in version
3.22e+, and version 3.22a is running, the bug fix version is not running.
If, however, 3.22g or 3.23 is running, the reported bug should have been
fixed, and it is safe to post a bug report.

An index of TFC versions can be found at: