The Vineyard

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The Vineyard
Type Standard
Author Soloban
Installed 8 April 2012

Area Lore/Back Story

You get a crumpled, muddy letter.

exa letter

The letter bears a small portion of a wax seal, the remainder of which is no longer attached to the letter. The letter is wet, muddy, and crumpled as if it had been intentionally tossed aside. The name of the sender, recipient, and date have been washed out. A portion of the text of the letter remains. The script is flowing and precise.

read letter

[illegible text]

... He will make a fine husband to your eldest daughter. My previous letters have alluded to the fact that my husband is no longer able to spend long hours in his beloved vineyard and often speaks of handing over the vineyard to our son. I suspect our son will inherit the vineyard beginning next season. He has been apprenticed to his elder cousins, who all assure me that he is quickly becoming an skilled vintner...

[illegible text]

...I pray that this letter finds you and your family well, and I pray that you will accept the enclosed invitation to visit us during the harvest. To mark the occasion and hopeful engagement, we will be sampling for the first time a small cask of wine that was prepared by my Husband many years ago near the time of our marriage....

[illegible text]

General Information/Trivia

  • Dezmond was player to first to find the zone.

Player Provided Information

The Vineyard was the subject of Samiyah's Level 20 Bard Review:The Baroness' Lament


The Vineyard: Map by Cartographer