The Sable Dragon

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Official Information

The Sable Dragon is the creation of Tamar. It is acknowledged as one of the largest mobs on the mud.

Player Provided Information / Trivia



  • Sparhawk: Dead in 14 seconds (though the first three rounds were fought by Cordir, who forgot to turn her no-hassle on.) 04/15/15
  • Belsambar: Dead in 7 seconds - 04/16/15
  • Sparhawk: Dead in 4 seconds - 04/16/15 (no help from Cordir)
  • Nicholai: Dead in 54 seconds - 04/16/15

Notes / Trivia


Huge haws part as a sheet of flame leaps towards you! Run! While you still can!
The sable dragon is in perfect health.