Tharlodin's Vein

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Tharlodin's Vein
Type Standard
Author Madman
Installed 2x (?)
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

  • Back in the days of rampant plague, The Vein was a prime place for 'golding.' The enterprising would go with an evil cleric, plague the zone, and come back 5-10 hours later to scoop up the massive amounts of gold that had been generated by dying mobs. The rats in the Vein were scavenger mobs, so they would pick up the gold before it had a chance to decay. People could and did pull out tens of thousands of gold in a single run.

Player Provided Information


Map of Tharlodin's Vein by Soloban
Tharlodin's Vein: Map by Cordir