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The Tel'Quessir
Led By Myronides
Created June 29, 2002
Alignment Neutral
PK Model Sword
Ordained Mortals Izzy

Following Description / FINFO:

Myronides, leader of Tel'Quessir, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral.

Brief following description:
A following of the elves, by the elves for the elves.Tel'Quessir allows for a freedom bound only by a common elven heritage.'The People' with their Minotaur and Gnome servants live as elves should, free and unbound their whims, hearts and a love of elvenkind to guide them.


Partial List from Following website

Natilena (6-29-02)

Brightbranch (6-30-02)

Izzy (6-30-02)

Katja (6-30-02)

Delan (6-30-02)

Legolas (7-4-02)

Hiro (7-4-02)

Tweedle (7-5-02)

Buttercup (7-5-02) [Minotaur]

Xixxo (7-6-02)

Daot (7-13-02)

Toddle (7-16-02)

DragonBane (7-16-02)

Lysandred (7-19-02)

Gryffen (7-24-02)

Roen (7-25-02)

Leif (7-27-02)

Loth (7-27-02)

Everard (7-27-02)

Gilthaniel (8-5-02)

Qua (8-10-02)

Antinua (8-12-02)

Rhyeth (8-13-02)

Kaye (8-21-02)

Kay (8-28-02)

Requirements for Entry

Following Rules

Laws of the Elves

•You will have no other god. You are an elf. You will always be an elf and will follow the ideals of the elven people for your immortal life.
•You will not steal from an elf. No matter who the elf errantly follows or mistakenly believes they are an elf and you should never obtain another elves possessions without them giving it to you. Example - If someone pk's an elf and gives you some of their eq, pk that person and give the elf back his eq and the someone's as well. If you find their corpse return it.
•You will not kill an elf. Never harm another elf player. If you see an elf player being attacked help them. This is mandatory, never let an elf be harmed without you yourself trying to prevent it. Even if it's only with spells (sanctuary, heal, darkness, shield, cloak) If you see two elves fighting try to break it up and explain to them their error.
•You will not covet another elves possessions or life. This is addressed mainly in the upper two, but also, if you have extra eq give it to an elf, don't' trade it.
•Half-elves are abominations, a perversion of the elven people. They are to be scorned at the very least, eradicated at the best. Don't talk to half-elves, don't trade with half-elves and definitely don't help a half-elf in any way.
•Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Giants and Aarakocra are inconsequential. I don't care about them. Use them however you wish. Use them for exp, eq, to pk anything. I don't care and they don't matter. Never talk to them as equals, they are below you.
•Gnomes and Minotaurs are the chosen servants of the elven people. Try not to harm them unless they are speaking disparagingly of the elves, or show violent tendencies. Gnomes and Minotaurs can and may be in the followings, they will have special rules to follow (see Laws of the Servants).
•Every god has this one, but Have Fun. Just enjoy it, there are few guidelines on how to interact with the non-elves so whatever you want you do, you're not aligned in anyway, your an Elf!.

Laws of the Servants

So you're a gnome or a minotaur and you have come the realization that the Elves are the superior race and wish to serve? Your enlightenment has placed you above all the others of the lesser races. You are still far below an Elf but you're not slime to be scraped off boots, more a faithful pet to be cared for and watched after.

•Follow all the Laws of the Elves
•While superior to the lesser races, you are not an Elf. Best you refer to all elves as Master or Mistress. Never use their name as it would be wrong for you to speak to them in such a familiar manner.
•You still are a servant of the Elven people. If they ask for help or tell you to do something, best to do it immediately and to the best of your abilities.
•Self-sacrifice is the greatest trait a servant may have. If your life will buy that of an Elf, sacrifice it.
•Humility. It is important to for a servant to be humble and know his place. If you find any equipment that affects by 3 or greater, or any named amulet that affects by 21 or greater, sacrifice it to me. The only equipment that you should have that is not affect 2 (or 20) or less should have been given to you by me. I will be generous to those who properly serve, and strict with those who fail in their duties.

Additional Notes