Rules of Area Building for TFC

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  1. Anyone with a character in their stable that is level 20 or higher may request permission to author an area. This is NOT a short cut to going immortal. Immortality just is not a requirement to authoring an area.
  2. Anyone writing an area will submit themselves to the following rules on the conduct of ALL their characters on the MUD:
    1. At no time will the nature of the items in your area be revealed to mortals. Make them find out what they do themselves.
    2. At no time will you collect items in your area and distribute them to mortals. Make them find where they are themselves.
    3. At no time will you give information on mob levels, traps, tricks, or any other feature of the area to mortals. Make them discover it for themselves.
    4. At no time will any other confidential information regarding your area, or any area or feature of TFC, be given out to mortals.
    5. For the first two months of your area's existence on the LIVE server of TFC you will not lead adventurers in your area.
    6. Violation of these rules (a subset of the wizrules) will be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including deletion of characters.
  3. Areas written must be exclusive to TFC and not be run on any other MUD. If any area you write is found running on another MUD, all your areas will be removed from TFC. It may take us some time to replace them, and it will be painful for us to do so, but we WILL do it. Should we be forced to exercise this rule, the author in question will also be disallowed from writing any future areas for TFC.
  4. The theme of the area must fit the TFC World View. See the separate listing for what that is.
  5. The submission procedures will be followed EXACTLY.
  6. The Area Coordinator withholds the right to place, balance, or otherwise edit the area to make it fit in TFC. Authors will make all changes that are ordered, but may discuss any change requested in a ONE time appeal. If the appeal fails, the change must be made. Once an area is submitted, it belongs to The Final Challenge. The Area Coordinator, or future Area Coordinators, are free to make any changes they desire, and you do not retain possession of creative control.
  7. No area may have more than 100 rooms, 100 objects, and 100 mobs. These will be numbered from XX00 to XX99 inclusive, where XX is the assigned area vnum. Areas should be between 90-95 rooms, which gives the Area Coordinator a few rooms to use for later additions to the area, such as rooms connecting future areas to the area. You may be asked to write the connect rooms yourself. For large projects, a set of related areas may be done, but no single area can exceed these limits.
  8. Help in writing is available online on the Wiki. If your question is answered in the TFC Area Writer's Guide, you will be directed to it...if not, the issue will be examined and handled when asked. The Guide is your first line of help...use it well. First time authors will receive special assistance...all others shall handle things themselves.
  9. The decision of the Area Coordinator will be final.
  Tokugawa is the Area Coordinator. Contact him at