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Norak (XI)
Created September 20, 2011
Status Active
Race Ogre-Kin
Hometown Og
Classes Shaman

Mud Contributions:

Death spam.

Some feel that Norak's only contribution to TFC has been death spam. Along the lines of: ARGH, CR Please, Anyone Free for CR? Anyone heading past Rowengard Bay, CR?..

With 80 deaths now and counting (11/22/11), may the spam continue. And may you continue to CR for him.

Current Description:

Before you stands a young, intelligent Ogre. For a nerdy sort, his muscles bulge as he lumbers around muttering under his breath. Neither good nor evil, or more likely both seeing what suits his purpose, Norak looks in your direction with callous disregard. You feel a sense of concern, as he strolls towards you .... Don't you know its rude to stare?!
Norak strikes you as something only a mother could love.
Norak is bleeding freely.

WHO Lists:

10-03-2011:  Ogr [       Sh:11       ] Norak puts the art back into getting killed.
10-06-2011:  Ogr [       Sh:12       ] Norak is doing it for the little guy
11-12-2011:  Ogr [    Sh:13 Wa:11    ] Norak where for art thou NATILENA ?? I have wine!

Character History:


  • From September 20, 2011 - November 14, Norak died a total of 67 times.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

Player Information:

As already mentioned, Norak quickly became notorious for dying on outlandish explorations. Even when he was strongly encouraged by larger players not to go somewhere, he always expressed a desire to check it out for himself. One evening, a few of us were swapping stories of Norak corpse retrievals. More than one of the stories began with, "I told him he wasn't big enough to explore [Gronk, Wyvern's Tower, the ocean, The Nest, etc] but he went anyway..." Still, this determination to see the world is one of my favorite things about him. Where's the fun in sitting in safe?