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Official Information

There are many basic commands that you use to play a MUD. The basics are
look, east, west, north, south, up, down. Look allows you to see things,
and the other six let you move around. In addition, certain commands can
be strung together, like look east, which will tell you what's to the
east. To get a fairly complete list of commands, type HELP or COMMANDS
after you logon. HELP can also be used with the name of spells, skills,
races, or other commands to get information about them.

Important Information is posted in fyi list from time to time. Every logon
or so you should check the fyi list on the MUD. On TFC, you can find out how
to access the message lists by typing HELP MESSAGES after logging in.

On TFC, we have languages operating, which means each race speaks its
native tongue. You can learn other languages, and the suggested one is
called "common". Learn it and then type LANGUAGE COMMON to begin speaking
it. At all times, you will be able to understand any language you are
adept at, but you only can speak one language at a time.

You may also want to try HELP ABBREVIATIONS to see what a lot of the "slang"
on the Mud means. Most of the common ones are defined, and if you look them
over you will understand some of the conversations a little more.