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Official Information

Syntax: levelcheck

Unlike other multi-classed characters bards level using other methods than
experienced gained while killing mobs. This command is used to tell the
bard what areas he or she has completed and what areas need additional

Player-Supplied Information

(From The Bard Primer by Oook)
Bards can get an idea of what they need to do to level by using the “levelcheck” command. This will return a list of requirements still needed to level and looks something like this:
> levelcheck
You need 8522 experience points to level your 1st class.
You have not cast enough spells to advance.
You haven't learned enough archmagic to advance.
You haven't sufficient spell knowledge to advance.
You don't know a wide enough variety of spells to advance.
Try again once the requirements are met.
You need Bards' Council review (HELP BARDS COUNCIL for more information).
You need 10 mobmasteries to advance. You have 8.
You need 20 mob hunt points to advance. You have 17.
You need 55 location quest points to advance. You have 44.
Try again once the requirements are met.

As you can see, the xp needed for the 1st class (Combat) is made very clear. The requirements for Skill are also specifically set out. The only part that needs some deciphering is the requirements for the Magic class. You never know how many more spells you need to memorize or cast, but you are given an idea of what you need to do.

  • If you haven’t cast enough spells to advance, cast more. (These have to be spells from memory, not ones directly recited from scrolls or spells you know permanently.)
  • If you haven’t sufficient spell knowledge to advance, you need more spells memorized. They can be the same ones you have already memorized; you just need more charges in your brain.
  • If you don’t know a wide enough variety of spells then you need to memorize some you don’t already have in memory. (At later levels this may require memorizing arch magics off of spell crystals.)
  • If you don’t know enough arch magics then you need to specifically memorize some spells arch mage spells off of spell crystals.
  • If you don’t know powerful enough magics then you need to memorize more spells at higher levels.

“Levelcheck” is also the means by which you tell the system to check if you are ready to level your Magic or Skill class. (Combat will level automatically when you collect enough xp.) So if you think you are getting close, just type in “levelcheck” periodically and see if you level.


There are many theories on what the Archmagic requirement is, exactly. Some feel it is the studying of Lyricals. Others, say it is Bard ability scores. Still others feel it is very high level scrolls. Another school of thought is that it is the studying and/or memorizing of Spell Crystals. I firmly agree with Oook that it involves spell crystals -- whether you are able to memorize them or not! Try and memorize every crystal you can get your hands on. It has helped me, even when I failed! - Samiyah (talk) 09:36, 6 December 2012 (MST)