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Created July 1999
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Ranger

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Elf [ Ra: 9 ] Kausay walks in the coils of the serpent 07/09/1999

Character History:

My life has been short, so there isn't much to say about it. I'm barely an adult. I was born in Malenest in a regular home. My parents were doting and wanted me to grow up as 'a lady.' Their idea of a good education were learning how to get a husband and take care of him. I learned how to cook, clean, darn, weave, etc at a very young age. I felt very safe, and I knew my position in life. I knew what to expect, and I was excited about it. Don't think me to be shallow. This was how I was raised, and I wanted my own family to raise... my own children.

Then, one day, my parents left and went on a trip and picnic for their anniversary. They never came back and no one ever told me what became of them. I heard whispers of Orcs when I was young and listening where I was not seen.. but that is all.

I had no relatives to take me in. I had no one to care for me, nor did I have the skills to take care of myself. Being young, I was still gangly and not very pretty. No marriages proposals for that young elf. And to top it off, my personality was unpleasing, as I was still a very unhappy girl. During the night, people came and stole my father's stuff, leaving only a few things. So, to survive, I took up my father's bow and went into the light woods. I hunted deer and other food. I learned how to skin them and tan the hide. The first year was pretty lean, and I also ate grass and leaves and the like. However, I did know how to sew and make clothing from the skins. I was able to make some money in this fashion for other essentials.

That puts me to where I am today... I am a ranger of livable skill, without many possessions in life. However, my life no longer has a script written by my parents for me to follow. I absolutely love my life of freedom. Never have I been as happy as I am following a deer through the woods and testing my skill. I have gotten a taste for other cities. I still get chased out by the guards, but I am learning how to cope. I can sneek around Midgaard long enough to buy recall potions, which are lacking in Malenest. Perhaps the wizards see no reason why anyone would want to come back here. I would like to not have to depend on them. I should like to learn mage skills of my own. I have been saving up the gold for this education. I make a little selling the stuff I come along in my travels. It will be a great while before I earn enough gold, and can find Jill. Someday, I could also like to learn to be a thief.

This is my story. Thank you for listening to it.




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