Floating In A Black Void

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The Temple of Seraph.

Temple Key: the Speaker's Key
Look Key: This key is made of solid obsidian.

Temple Altar: a black sphere
Long Description: A sphere of black liquid floats here.
Look Altar:
A minion of the Vir must remain in good standing with the God+ team.
The word of the Speaker is the will of the Vir, obey it or suffer.
A minion must seek to kill or hurt others whenever possible.
All minions will sacrifice pain they have caused to the Vir via prayer.
If one minion is fighting, all minions MUST participate. (within range)
Knowledge of the inner workings of the Vir is to remain secret.
Those who seek to become Minions must past the 3 tests.
Minions will not impede the progress of Seekers.
At all times when Minions are unsure of the will of the Vir, ask the Speaker.

Holy Symbol:
(tattood) (writhing) thorny black vines
A thorny black vine crawls along the floor searching for a new host.
Look Vine:
thorny black vines~
These thorny black vines crawl beneath your skin.

Floating in a Black Void
Darkness extends before you in every direction you look, adding to your
disorientation. The only light present is the mild glow of the dark
shimmering portal to the west. A sphere of thick black liquid is floating
in front of you, beckoning you to stare into its center.

Look West:
This shimmering black portal radiates a gentle glow.