Door Reset

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This reset sets the state of a door. You cannot use this command on doors set with the Randomize Doors Reset.

A: This must be a D.
B: This is a 1 or a 0. 1 signifies that the MUD should run this reset every reset cycle, a 0 signifies that the MUD should run this reset only if the area is deserted. In theory anyhow. Merc tends to ignore the setting and resets according to its own built in methods. Use the specs, though, when writing the resets, it makes them easier to debug.
C: This is the vnum of the room the door is located in.
D: This is the location of the door in the room. A 0 means north, a 1 means east, a 2 means south, a 3 means west, a 4 means up, and a 5 means down.
E: A 0 means reset the door open, a 1 means reset the door closed, and a 2 means reset the door locked.
F: Commonly, this comment would say the room's name

D 0 80045 2 1 * a room with a door

Special note about door resets. By default an open door does not need a reset, it will load into the game fine in an open state. A reset is needed when you have a door that needs to start closed or locked and be set back into that state occasionally. This does work as well with open but if the door has been locked or closed once in a while the game will set the door back to open when it hits this reset.