Randomize Doors Reset

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This reset randomizes the direction of a door. You cannot use this command on doors set with the door reset.

A: This must be a R.
B: This is a 1 or a 0. 1 signifies that the MUD should run this reset every reset cycle, a 0 signifies that the MUD should run this reset only if the area is deserted. In theory anyhow. Merc tends to ignore the setting and resets according to its own built in methods. Use the specs, though, when writing the resets, it makes them easier to debug.
C: This is the vnum of the room to randomize the doors in.
D: This is number specifies how many doors to randomize. The number used for this is the LAST door to randomize. A 4 would randomize the north, south, east, west, and up exits but leave the down exit alone. A 5 would randomize them all. Valid numbers are 0 through 5.
F: Commonly, this comment would say the room's name.

R 1 80023 3 * Randomize North, East, South exits