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Official Information


There are several documents online. They are all long. Turn on your screen
capture to save them, then read them offline. If you do not wish to do this,
contact the Area Coordinator for instructions as to where you can get the
hardcopy version of the TFC Area Writer's Guide which contains both these
online documents and complete details on what's involved in a TFC area. Or
go to

These documents are online:

HELP 'Rules_of_Area_Building_for_TFC'  : Covers the Rules for Building a TFC Area
HELP 'AREA SUBMISSION 1': Covers the Procedure for Submitting a TFC Area
HELP 'AREA SUBMISSION 2': Continuation of Part 1.
HELP 'AREA SUBMISSION 3': Continuation of Part 2.
HELP 'AREA SUBMISSION 4': Continuation of Part 3.
HELP 'VNUM MAP'  : Description of maps used in submission
HELP 'TFC WORLD VIEW'  : Covers what kind of areas will be accepted
HELP MUDITORS  : Covers what tools are available for writing