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Created 05/27/2011
Race Sahuagin
Hometown Tiren's Rock
Followed Katrana

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

An attractive slender Sahuagin stands at a distance looking over at the horizon, surveying the water as if looking for something or someone. She grabs the necklace around her neck and kisses the pendant hanging from it. She turns her head and looks over at you, past you. She has delicate features and golden eyes, with a hint of green. A dark bronze hue covers her body and her long black wavy hair covers her gills. She would be capable of passing as Human, were it not for them.

Given air and water, she prefers water. Every dusk, she plunges into the depths of the ocean and lets herself be and lets herself flow. As the moon opens a path in the watery night the ocean begins to light up as if you were looking at stars in a reverse sky. You watch her test the water and as she disrobes and you cant help but notice the hundreds of tiny green scales that travel up her spine She slowly walks in the water and you notice her scales are spreading down her torso and where moments ago there were legs now there is a tail. You've just had your first encounter with the mermaid.

WHO Lists:

Sah [       Cl: 4       ] Aire Mir, the new mermaid.                      05/29/2011
Sah [       Cl: 9       ] Aire Mir, the new mermaid.                      06/02/2011
Sah [       Cl:10       ] Aire Mir, stringing herself into the pattern.   06/06/2011
Sah [       Cl:13       ] Aire Mir, populus vult decipi.                  06/10/2011
Sah [    Wa: 8 Cl:14    ] Aire Mir, the Wyldly slippery mermaid.          06/21/2011
Sah [    Cl:14 Wa:14    ] Aire Mir, the Wyldly slippery mermaid.          06/28/2011

Character History:

She was always going. But she'd return. Several times they gave her up for dead. But she came back. Her family wanted to educate her: "breathe," they'd tell her. Pay attention to your teacher, he knows. And they'd tell her: "Breathing is one thing that does you a lot of good when you are up there."

Aire had always been a special child: strong, fearless, and ready to rise up to any challenge so it was very much a surprise when she refused to abide by her teacher’s instructions. Simply, she did not like to breathe. While her race had the ability to breathe on land, it was not innate and had to be practiced. Due to her fortitude of character and spirit, Aire had been given a special role within her people, one that would require her to breathe. So everyone was very concerned when she didn’t seem to be able to; or want to.

Instead Aire prefered to be in the openess and vastness of the ocean’s depths. Often times, at night, as the moon’s light shone on the polished stones of the ocean she would swim and see them pass, and see the fish pass, and the arms of plants would wave to her and she’d smile, and in that luminous darkness no one could find her and she owed obedience to no one. In the wetness, Aire lived. In the dryness, no. In the dryness, she wanted to sleep. Sleep was the only thing she wanted.

Just as she began to stand her mind and body were struck by pain, screams echoed through her mind as she hit the ground. THUD! Confusion enveloped her senses, the pain did the rest; she couldn’t figure out what was happening. Suddenly, the words of her teacher echoed in her thoughts: “Breathe”. She took a huge gulp of air and the pain ripped through her for a moment longer before disappearing as quickly as it came. She gasped for breath as she stood, helped by the rock that had made her head bleed. Aire’s eyes widened in disbelief. A wave of understanding washed over her like a tsunami. Aire narrowed her eyes in perfect unison and jumped into the depths of where she came from. Desperate, she hacked her way through the reefs, ducking in and out of underwater caves she raced towards the room that led into her town.

She froze. Aside from a few school of fish there was no sight of anyone. She tore through every reef, every house, every crevice; they were ALL gone. Kneeling, she placed an open palm against the ground and closing her eyes she let out a cry so intense it sent vibrations all along the ocean’s bottom, stirring up the silt. She cursed.

If Aire had been any other Sahuagin, perhaps she would have given up, but nothing seemed to derail the mermaid. She made her way to the surface and stood by the rock once again. She knew her people had wanted her to learn the place where air ruled, but she didn’t know why. She was now certain that she had to find out if she ever wanted to see them again.

“Remember to breathe” she thought to herself. She stepped forward and looked carefully ahead, the ocean behind her. She scanned for anything she could see or feel that would help her move forward. Her feet shifted against the sand covering the path, kicking gently at it with the soft sole of her feet she went towards the thing vibrating against them; she walked towards the forrest. Leaves flittered to the ground as the branches shifted against the delicate footfalls of Aire’s feet. Her long ebony hair tickled her face as her arm raised to grasp the pendant around her neck; the only connection she still had to her people. She kissed the pendant and continued. A single door sitting above the ground held the only entrance she could see. Guild hall. She carefully opened the door…


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

05/27/2011: Aire is created.
06/14/2011: Aire joins the Wyld Hunt, giving worship to Katrana.

Player Information: