Prophesy of the Feathered Stone

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[ 28] Magwai: A story I found for a contest a long time ago
Fri Jan 19 02:57:37 2001
To: all

I found this story somewhere for some contest and I thought i would repost it.

Long ago, when I was a child the Feathered Stone spoke to me and a Nashite prophecy was foretold, of one who would bring an end all who oppose Lord Nash and restore peace to the world. He would be a man, and he would be human, as Lord Nash was once. He would also be a great wizard, a thief, and skilled in the arts of fighting. It was also foretold he would come in peace, as the lamb, and leave as the lion. I tell you now, the story of a man. This man's true name is not know, he goes only by the Deliverer, or the prophecy bringer. He is said to exist on this realm doing his wizardly studies. He is said to possess extraordinary potential, such that he is unaware of. He knows of his destiny, but is uncertain whether to believe the path that was set before him by Lord Nash. He is said to be cunning, yet frail, bold, yet quiet. It is said that he is to be a leader among Nashites.

A series of five events lead up to the takeover as written in the prophesy. All of these signs will come to pass before the prophet will bring tranquility to all Nashies. The first sign reads of a child will die among a nest of spiders, it is unknown who the child will be. The second sign is that a great one of long ago will return. The third sign is that one of Nash's most holy will be put to death. The fourth sign is a heathen champion, not of Lord Nash will be fallen on the fields of battle in a large war. And the fifth and final sign is that a great storm will sweep the realm, from the hand of Lord Nash himself, destroying the lands. Then The Deliverer will walk the lands slaying all whom may oppose Lord Nash's will.

(Translated from a gnomish text, with the aid of comprehend languages)