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The list below contains both limiteds and non limiteds.

Category Stats Item Name Area Room/Mob
Fetish Exclude - C5 feathered indigo stick Plantation Nanny
Fetish confusion - C3 L20 / int:1 - AG a shrunken head Cannibal Island
Fetish charm person - C2 L21 - AG a voodoo doll Cannibal Island
Fetish strength - C3 L5 a twisted fetish Hoan Dor a troll
Pill continual light the juice of a phosphorescent fungi Riverhold Herbal Shoppe
Pill word of recall a jar of spiked lemonade Riverhold Herbal Shoppe
Pill sunlight - L4 a fine black powder Riverhold Herbal Shoppe
Pill soul sense - L11 a mold covered mushroom Riverhold Herbal Shoppe
Pill cure disease / cause critical - L10 an herb of awakening The Blue Savannah Gertaine
Pill dispel magic - L11 a pickled slug glistening with fluids Aerie Volant Apothecary
Pill cure deafness / remove curse - L4 a sanctified mushroom wafer Aerie Volant Apothecary
Pill Phosphate - L12 a bit of luminous moss Aerie Volant Apothecary
Pill stone skin - L18 a small gray pebble Aerie Volant Apothecary
Pill fly a red balloon Aerie Volant A crotchety old aara shopkeeper
Pill Boar Totem - L20 essential Iron Nydia The Alchemist's Shop
Pill Weasel Totem - L20 essential Iron Nydia The Alchemist's Shop
Pill bless / sleep - L15 a white spore with black flecks D'Nal N'Tor a myconid elder
Pill cure critical / jump L16 a green spore D'Nal N'Tor a myconid elder
Pill bless - L19 *weight 5* a small greenish pill Nydia The herbalist
Pill deafness / blindness / soul sense - ND AG AE NR L19 a hallucinogenic spore D'Nal N'Tor a myconid elder
Pill teleport / teleport / earthquake - L11 a finale pill DDSC A Cold, Dark Cave (remains)
Pill dispel evil / dispel good / stone skin - L23 - ND the Aegis' Tendril Caverns of N'Kai a Chthonian Aegis
Pill cure blindness / cure disease / cure poison - L25 - ND a Chthonian's Denticle Caverns of N'Kai a Chthonian Burrower
Pill detect invis - L22 desiccated chameleon Aaracokra city guild: uw delicetessin vendor
Pill Heal caffeine pill By Mystic a small café
Pill cure mute Cannibal Island
Pill pass door - L7 a mushy white capsule Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Pill cure poison - L6 a chewy white lozenge Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Pill shield - L10 a chalky crimson pellet Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Pill cure poison- L34 a piece of kelp Tiren's Rock A Tunnel in the Kelp
Pill protection evil sunflower seeds Cannibal Island Nwish
Pill protection evil / protection good sundew seeds Cannibal Island sundew
Pill armor / stoneskin / shield piece of charcoal Cymraeg in a pile of rubble
Pill cure poison / cure disease tawny sand Cymraeg rubble in cobras
Pill heal / curse marigold sand Cymraeg rubble in cobras
Pill pass door / invis aqua sand Cymraeg rubble in cobras
Pill heal / curse Soft Pink Pearl Desert Island in Clam
Pill Cure Poison / Attunement a pinch of reddish dust Dhraxx
Pill imp invis a drop of living water Living Lands mighty underwater upwelling
Pill Bless a white pill Midgaard Doctors office
Pill cure light a red pill Midgaard Doctors office
Pill immunity a green pill Midgaard Doctors office
Pill Sanity Midgaard Sanitarium
Pill sleep a yellow pill Midgaard Doctors office
Pill cure blind / cure mute A small black tablet Plantation Downstairs
Pill jump/invis ink sac shipwreck cuttlefish / large purple skate
Pill armor / strength / rem fear tiger lily Skorlanis Herb Guy
Pill stoneskin pebble Temple of Isiira
Pill pass door - L14 a package of powder of pearl The Isle The Magi's Friend
Pill wizard mark - L14 a leaf-wrapped mixture of herbs Riverhold Herbalist
Pill sunlight - L5 a fine black powder Riverhold Herbalist
Pill stone skin / armor - L8 powdered dauskdraug pizzle Grand Library Ben the Arcanist
Pill soul sense - L9 a mold-covered mushroom Riverhold Herbalist
Pill cloak of protection - L25 a slimy poultice of herbs and flowers Riverhold Herbalist
Pill Improved invis - L5 a dark red tablet Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Pill Attunement a lump of fragrant resin Aerie Volant ROOM: The Council's Private Chamber / CONTAINER: "nest"
Potion bear totem / cure critical - L10 a beaker filled with green ooze The Blue Savannah Gertaine
Potion remove fear / deafness / refresh - L20 a stinking potion The Blue Savannah Gertaine
Potion cloak of protection - L21 a clear vial Grove of Ancients a wraith
Potion sleep / teleport - L6 a mudskipper egg Great Plains burrow under mudskipper flats
Potion blindness / harm - L30 a cyan potion Dragon Tower the dragonmage
Potion soul sense - L21 a potion with blue and red swirls Nydia The apothecary
Potion detect invis - L11 a yellow potion Nydia The apothecary
Potion detect hidden - L9 a crystal potion Nydia The apothecary
Potion cure disease / heal - L14 a muddy potion Master's Tower a swamp monster
Potion shield / jump - L12 a glittering potion D'Nal N'Tor N'Tor
Potion Detect invis - L27 to 31 a potion of vitreous humor extract Aerie Volant Drow illusionist
Potion word of recall - L3 a salty clear potion Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Potion Cure Poison - L25 a burgundy potion Kuroth alchemist
Potion waterbreath - L8 an inky black potion Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Potion strength - L9 a bitter malt concoction Tiren's Rock Dabbler
Potion jump / invis - L26 ink sac Barbagezi Ye old Tonic Shoppe, Oaka.
Potion jump / sanc Small Flask By Mystic cottage desk
Potion invis - L11 a clear potion Cillidellia Brisa
Potion cure critical /cure serious / cure light Flask of ???? dwarven kingdom grand templar
Potion sanctuary / bless flask of holy water dwarven kingdom grand templar
Potion jump Tepid Potion Dwarvenhold Meyr
Potion Recall Shimmering Elixir Hovelton 2ntook
Potion Cure Disease / Cure Critical / Cure Poison Black Sludge / Vial of Sludge Living Lands In plain tent, healers chest
Potion pass door Corked Vial Living Lands thorough alchemist
Potion Shield / Stone Skin / Protection Evil Vial of Slime Living Lands In plain tent,healers chest
Potion sanctuary / stone skin Black Vial Longship master armorer
Potion harm / harm / harm - L21 fiery red potion Masters Tower (3) witch
Potion sanctuary /stoneskin - L20 a glass vial Master's Tower(2) the fairy
Potion harm / detect magic / shield a fiery orange potion with amber swirls and glowing spots Mystic Woods Tain
Potion invis - L32 airy potion Mystic Woods Tain
Potion sanctuary burgundy Mystic Woods Tain
Potion Cloak Blueish Sahaugin shop
Potion cure critical / cure serious / cure light Golden Potion Sahaugin shop
Potion Cure mute Aqua Potion Skull top Ozma
Potion remove fear a steel potion Skull Top Ozma
Potion teleport a murky red potion Skull Top Ozma
Potion bless / cloak / fly dusty vial Tier Sh'Halen, upper island tawny
Potion cure poison / dispel magic - L21 a green glass vial of a bloodroot emetic Grand Library Ben the Arcanist
Potion detect hidden buy and fill any vial Trading Post pool
Potion teleport / sanc Fuchsia potion Wintermeet Behind Boulder
Potion continual light the juice of a phosphorescent fungi Riverhold Herbalist
Potion word of recall a jar of spiked lemonade Riverhold Herbalist
Potion sanity a tisane of willowbark tea Riverhold Herbalist
Potion cure blindness cure light x 2 a tincture of diluted salt water Blackthorne Doctor
Potion cure mute a tiny flask containing a cure Blackthorne Doctor
Potion cure poison / cure disease a small vial containing medicine Blackthorne Doctor
Potion improved invis / stone skin / shield - L17 an ebon potion Aerie Volant ROOM: A Formal Guest Chamber / CONTAINER: "chest"
Potion poison a small, stoppered metal vial Aerie Volant ROOM: A Formal Guest Chamber / CONTAINER: "chest"
Relic Fly - C5 L30 +1int AGANAU a large black feather Molotov Island
Relic Cloak of Protection - C1 L37 a fetish Gertek's Tomb Shaman
Relic Dispel Evil - L25 / svs(-3) - AN AE AU decanter of holy water New Ofcol Jerrold
Ring boat Sapphire droplet ring Living Lands Apprentice
Ring,Twist stone skin - C2 L20 a cockatrice feather ring Cannibal Island
Ring,Twist Bless C6 ring of transluscent stones Lake Askilyn mist
Ring,Twist Heal C30 Ring of Vitality Mystic Woods immersed in fog then down
Ring,Twist Detect Hidden - C3 L25 a ring of minotaur horn Northern Stronghold emperor tharune
Ring,Twist Comprehend - C8 / chr(6) a carved Adamantite ring with gold inlay Plantation Hemet
Ring,Twist(inv) Heal - C3 L5 / dmg(2) a grey steel catseye ring Trading Post cabinet
Scroll animate dead - L9 a scroll inked upon dried flesh Aerie Volant ROOM: A Formal Guest Chamber / CONTAINER: "chest"
Scroll mute / cure critical / faerie fire - L9 a sanative scroll The Blue Savannah Gertaine
Scroll dispel good / protection good - L5 an old leather tome Grove of Ancients a cult member
Scroll armor / protection evil / shield - L30 a runed scroll Dragon Tower the dragonmage
Scroll stone skin / sanctuary / cloak of protection - L15 / ac:-5 the book of protection Sanguinna & The Keep The Red Altar (in a coffin)
Scroll Stone skin / Shield - L23 grey scroll Castle of Baron Marel, lower Wormslair
Scroll armor / shield / stoneskin - L2 a luminous sapphire bracelet Cyrenian Gardens Behind the Waterfall
Scroll Silence - L13 Black Vellum Living Lands Inside a spacious pavilion
Scroll Thunderclap A Noisemaker MISC pink elephants, at New Years Eve only.
Scroll true seeing L20 Scroll of Finding Nydia scribe
Scroll harm, curse a scroll of thorns Old Altibia In the Labyrinth / piece of coral
Scroll dispel magic / vampiric touch / energy drain - L31 Ivory Embossed Scroll Plantation Scribe past eltsan
Scroll enchant weapon / curse - L21 dusty piece of parchment pyramid of scyrah vampire / keeper of scrolls
Scroll heal / bless / cure critical Scroll of Promise Sanguinna coffin at red altar
Scroll Stone skin/sanc/ cloak - L13 the book of protection Sanguinna coffin at red altar
Scroll hurricane / hailstorm/ thunderclap - L25 captain's log shipwreck captains ghost
Scroll Attunement / Soul Sense - L19 Pax Vobiscum Skulltop Clan Crone
Scroll cure mute - L19 Pax Deorum Skulltop Clan Crone
Scroll rift The Book of the End Temple of Isiira Library
Scroll enchant weapon - L18+ Tattered scroll Thalos desk
Scroll enchant weapon - L28+ a well kept secret Cursed Circus wagon
Scroll dark / silence - L21 dark scroll Trading Post lower cabinet
Scroll curse / cause disease / sleep - L31 message for the king Tritons mysterious sorcereress
Scroll(inv) portal Roll of Parchment Living Lands Inside a spacious pavilion
Scroll bless - L15 a rumpled handful of pages Blackthorne an oddly-tidy bandit
Staff faerie fire - C10 L24 a silver staff Dragon Tower a treasure chest (Queen's Room)
Staff energy drain - C6 L31 a black staff Dragon Tower the Draconian Queen
Staff charm person - C5 L21 a finely crafted lute Lower LL Baird
Staff dispel good - C5 L16 - AG the blackened staff of Aelgin MG Graveyard the wraith of Aelgin
Staff Bless - C4 L15 a blessed staff Loth-Llorien The wizard
Staff Bless C7 L19 driftwood staff Altibia Altibian Clergyman
Staff Vampiric Touch - C4 L13 silver wand Barbagezi Mage Guild, Mistress Savin
Staff svs(-4) AG black boned staff DH mines Head Shaman
staff Stone Skin - L24 / dex(3) a Mercury Dragon Orb Dhraxx
Staff True seeing - L27 svs(-4) Eye of Dragon Sight Dhraxx Dhraxx
Staff Faerie Fire - C10 L24 Silver Staff Dragon Tower chest
Staff Bless - AN Holy Cross Dwarvenhold cleric guild
Staff Fireball - C10 L50 Staff of the Grand Mage Loth Lorien mage guildmaster
Staff Fireball - C4 L26 a flaming redwood staff Cursed Circus fire banshee in the big top
Staff Heal - C10 L17 Golden Talisman Loth Lorien Cleric guildmaster
Staff Dispel Evil - C10 L20 staff of Neris Old Altibia Statue of Neris
Staff energy drain - L32 onyx walking cane Plantation Eltsan
Staff Heal - C10 L21 a staff Shadowed Valley Shadowed Valley
Staff rift - C10 L30 / str(3) eye of kraken Tritons Cell
Staff Acid Blast - L40 / wis(-1) / luc(-2) - AG AN An old black bone etched by acid
Staff Confusion - C1 L28 - AG AN Staff of Chaos The avatar
Staff Thunderclap - C9 L30 - AG AN Staff of thunder
Staff Waterbreath - C7 L19 piece of driftwood Desert Island North of the docks
Staff Cure Disease - C7 L20 / int(1) / wis(1) - ND rough diamond Dhraxx earth dragon
Staff Animate Dead - C7 L25 Emerald Dragon Orb Dhraxx emerald dragon
Staff charm person - C1 L31 / wis(1) regal sceptre Duergar Homecaves kings chest
Staff Call Lightning - C4 L14 rainstick Jungle tabaxi
Staff Earthquake - C5 L15 staff made of nightwood Living Lands industrious artificer
Staff Lightning bolt - C6 L9 thin blue rod with a crystal tip Living Lands irritating dust devil
Staff Sunlight - C6 L14 - AU small silver cross Shadowed Valley Shadowed Valley
Staff Cloak of Protection - C4 L29 a tall befeathered staff of pale nightwood Aerie Volant Master Arcanus
Wand dispel magic - C10 L24 a golden wand Dragon Tower the dragonmage
Wand earthquake - C1 L25 / dex:1 - AG AE an Aegis' Talon Caverns of N'Kai a Chthonian Aegis
Wand Flamestrike - C5 L15 jet black wand Living Lands glaring apprenticee
Wand Faerie Fire - C12 L21 / mana (5) wand of a fairy Master's Tower(2) the fairy
Wand Dispel Evil - C11 L30 violet wand Old Altibia Statue of Neris
Wand Animate Dead - C3 L36 - AG AN AU Bone Rod of Necromancy Shadowed Valley Shadowed Valley
Wand Vampiric Touch - C4 L21 Tortured Soul Skelos sand wraith in carnage on a path
Wand Dispel Evil - C6 L12 The eccentric glass wand
Wand Vamp touch - C3 L16 / hp(13) Deadwood wand
Wand Animate Dead - L16 C3 the iridescent black wand Nydia The Alchemist's Shop