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Official Information

Usage: cant <level> <text> <= To Thieves of Level (room only)
Usage: cant <text> <= To Organization (channel )

Thieves cant is a secret language that thieves use to communicate with one
another, without fear of the other classes catching on to what is said.
The first form allows a character to cant at a certain level to those in
the same room of sufficient level to understand it. The second form is
only available to high-ranking thieves, and allows them to communicate
with other thieves in a larger area.

Additionally, some thieves find they use numbers on cant quite often, and
would prefer that <level> be treated as text rather than the level of the
cant. A config option is available (HELP CONFIG) which toggles cant to assume
leading numbers are text, rather than the level. A leading '+' on the number
will force the cant to remain a room cant, rather than a global cant. For

Globalcant off -- "cant 30 Hello" cants 'Hello' to level 30 thieves in room

  Globalcant on --- "cant 30 Hello" cants '30 Hello' to the organization
Globalcant on --- "cant +30 Hello" cants 'Hello' to level 30 thieves in room

Cant is available to:
Thieves  : level 5. Any Alignment.

Player-Supplied Information