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Official Information


       assist <character>
       assist <character> all
       follow <character>
       group <character>

ASSIST <character> indicates which member of a group you will aid in
battle. When they get hit by a mob (NPC), you will attack what hit
them. If a player character (PC) attacks, you will *not* automatically
assist against the PC. You may manually attack the PC, but it will
count as an unjustified attack, unless you already have a justification
against the attacker. See HELP PK and specifically HELP PK2 for more

ASSIST <character> ALL indicates that you will assist the specified
character against all attackers, whether it be a mob (NPC) or player
character (PC). This is dangerous, since you are only justified to
attack another player if they attack you directly. See HELP PK and
specifically HELP PK2 for more details.

Note that you can still help your group member, should one be attacked by
a PC, by casting beneficial spells on them. You won't be charged for an
unjustified attack unless you yourself attack another PC.

ASSIST with no argument causes you to no longer assist anyone in battle.

FOLLOW starts you following another character. To stop following anyone else,
just FOLLOW <yourself>.

GROUP <character> makes someone who is following you a member of your group.
Group members share experience points from kills and may use the GTELL and
SPLIT commands.

If the <character> is already a member of your group, then GROUP will
kick out the <character> from your group. Characters can also leave your
group by using a FOLLOW command to stop following you.

GROUP with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.

Player-Supplied Information