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Official Information

Syntax: who Syntax: who <name or partial-name>
Syntax: who <level-range> Syntax: who <class>
Syntax: who <class> <level-range> Syntax: who race <xxx>
Syntax: who justified Syntax: who nojust
Syntax: who mobmaster Syntax: who exact <name>

WHO shows the people currently in the game. Some people may choose to
remain unseen and won't appear on the WHO. You can match a name, or
partial name string as well.

WHO without any arguments shows all of the (visible) people currently playing.

WHO JUSTIFIED shows who you can PK debt-free.

WHO NOJUST simply turns off 'WHO JUSTIFIED' matching.

WHO RACE XXX requires XXX to be the 3 letter race code that appears in
the who list, ie OGR for Ogres or HUM for humans. See HELP RACE for the
complete list of codes.

WHO MOBMASTER ('who m' for short) shows characters that have done mob
mastery quests. Their level of accomplishment is shown where titles would
normally appear. <**> means 20 quests have been completed, <*> is 10,
x is 5, and . is one.

WHO EXACT <name> shows the character name, class, race and title.

With arguments, WHO can show players of certain classes, races or levels.
For example:

who 10 lists all players of level 10 or above
who 15 20 lists all players between level 15 and 20
who cleric lists all clerics playing
who immortal lists all immortals playing
who cleric 1 5 lists all clerics between levels 1 and 5
who race gia lists all the giant-kin online
who xyz lists all who have "xyz" in their name or title
who mobmaster lists all who have done a mob mastery quest