VNUM Map Format

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Please note that the above help file is here for historical basis only. Maps are no longer required to be submitted in this format. Questions regarding map format should be directed to the Area Coordinators.

Official Information

Zone: Example (2xx)

04 - 00 + 01                               02
      |    +                                /
     02 - 03 - Example2 (301)             05 - 06 - 07 - Outside (xx)

The above map demonstrates the basic style a vnum map should use. A title
line at the top should give the name and vnum range(s) of the zone. Each
room in the zone should be marked with the last two digits of its vnum. For
areas that span multiple vnum blocks, three can be used with some
adjustments in spacing.

 Rooms connected: North/South   East/West       By a door  Up/Down  
 Should use:          |       <space>-<space>      +         /

Connections to other zones should give the name of the zone and the vnum
it connects to, if known... otherwise should be denoted by Outside (xx)
Connections should be justified as shown above, on the right digit of the
room vnum.

For complex areas, you will need to vary from this format... do so in a
consistent and clear manner and be sure to include a legend of any other
conventions you use.