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Official Information

Syntax: train <'str'|'int'|'wis'|'dex'|'con'>

TRAIN increases one of your attributes. When you start the game, your
character has attributes based on your class and initial die rolls, and
several initial training sessions. You can increase your POTENTIAL
attributes by using these sessions at a trainer (there are several in
the world). What is best to train is a personal preference, but also
depends on what class you are. Ask the more experienced players for
advice in this matter.

An additional training session may be accumulated when you level. This
is a matter of luck, and if it happens, feel blessed.

Player Supplied Information

Many players suggest not using your limited number of trains until your character is around effective level 20 (i.e. 15 15). The reason for this is that your stats are more likely to change on their own during lower levels. Waiting until effective level 20 gives you a better chance of not wasting a train on something that could possibly fix it self.