The University of Evil

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Darkness seems to flow from every part of this immense room. From the fur-covered floor to the huge expanse of walls, a deep warm softness calls to you. In the center of the room is a huge pile of fluffy, magenta pillows; the perfect place to express the evil passions carried in every heart. To the south is a large desk-like altar and to the north a heavy drape covers the exit.

(Red Aura) The Altar of Ginny stands near the south wall.

Holy Symbol: the Rod of Learning
Long Desc: The Rod of Learning lies here.

Look rod
Knowledge of Darkness and Evil fills this holy object.

Look altar
This desk-like structure seems to be padded and very soft. You wonder what might be taught from such a podium. Look North:
A plush, magenta drape covers the door. On either side of the drape, two candles cast their soft amber glow leading the way out.

Look East:
Through the darkness you more sense than see a mural on this wall. Depicted is a cowering mortal man bowing to an incredibly dark and beautiful Goddess. You can almost hear his pleas for higher education in True Evil.

Look South:
A large Chalkboard covers the wall above the altar. Carefully printed on the board are numbered rules and sketched diagrams of seduction.

Look West:
Other than a few strategically placed candles this wall remains blank but for the soft darkness that sends warmth and comfort to your soul.

Look Up:
Drifting down to you from above is a soft, heavily rhythmic music creating in you a yearning, a strong desire to move ever closer to the Darkness.

Look Down:
Comfortable looking furs line the floor from wall to wall.

Look pillows pillow:
The comfortable looking pillows invite you to come lay on them and study true evil and darkness a bit longer.

Look chalkboard:
The large slate seems to have been well used. Printed boldly on it is:
1. No Puns.
2. Educate other in evil at all times. Tempt, Seduce and Annoy.
3. PK only when given reason and be prepared to explain to your Goddess.
4. Take special care in educating Coleman's followers in the True Evil.
5. Enjoy Yourself.