The Temple of the Watchers

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You have entered the Temple of the Watchers. As you walk up the steps to the interior you notice the pediment consists of various relief sculptures of the ascension of Primal to immortality. Black marble columns line the colonnade that leads to the throne room and the other ante-chambers of the Temple. As you look around, an eerie feeling of unknown eyes on you sends chills down your spine.
(Red Aura) The Altar of the Watchers stands here.

Holy Symbol: the Eye of the Watcher
Long Desc: The Eye of a Watcher lies here.

Look altar
Before you stands the Altar of the Watcher. It is carved entirely from black marble and is the center piece of the Temple. A large Eye has been etched in the side of the altar and seems to follow you everywhere you go in the Temple.

Look North slab door
A large slab of black marble here seals you into the Temple of the Arch-Angel of Nash. The Eye of the Watcher, carved on the door, stares right into your very soul.

Look East
Carved into this wall is a relief sculpture of the Lord Nash. His ruby eyes are afire as he Watches you wander the Temple. In his hands he holds the Nash Bible, the true scripture of the land, and beckons you to join his crusade to reform the world to his liking.

Look South
Here rests the throne where the Arch-Angel sits governing his followers. The throne itself is carved from the blackest of marbles. The Eye, symbol of the Watchers adorns the backrest and demon-like claws makeup the four legs which support it. A plaque is located to the right of the throne and calls for your attention.

Look West
A Dark Mist cascades down this wall like a waterfall. As you approach the Mist begins to fade revealing a viewport to the world of TFC. Here the Arch-Angel Watches events as they unfold.

Look Up
Looking up above you see a large stained glass image of an Eye looking down on you. Sunlight penetrating the eye casts the glowing symbol of the Watcher all around you giving you the ominous feeling you're not alone.

Look Down
Looking down you realize you can see directly through the floor beneath your feet. Below you a pit of Hellfire is filled with the many tortured souls conquered by the Lord Nash. They beg and plead for mercy between their wails of pain.

Look Plaque
Rules of the Watchers
1) NEVER group with a (Blue Aura'd) player.
2) Listen to ALL gods and do what they say, as it applies to game policies.
3) PKing is up to the individual, kill whoever or not, but NEVER attack another Nashite.
4) NO whining is tolerated, The Arch-Angel hates whining, all whining will be dealt with by a quick and merciless death.