The Temple of the Elements

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You stand on a pillar of earth thrusting out of a sea of molten lava. Currents of air swirl around you, and other pillars of earth sprout up in the distance. Looking up, you gasp in astonishment as the sky seems to be replaced with an ocean! In the center of the pillar rises a huge statue of an elf, composed of all four of the elements. This temple serves as a reminder to the Tel'Quessir of their origins. The elven people, unlike any of the other races, were not created by a god, but as prime elementals they willed themselves into existence in their quest to experience life.

holy symbol: Amulet of the Tel'Quessir
look holy amulet
Made of pure silver, this simple amulet contains intricate carvings of each of the four elements. A reminder to each elf, of where they come from, and where they shall return.

Look East:
A large earthen bowl sits is back dropped by a perfectly still and calm ocean of lava. Air currents swirl and dart around the bowl, seemingly at play.

Look South:
A wall of fire engulfs this side of the pillar. Peering into the inferno words can be made out.

Look West:
A stirring mass of air forms a throne near the edge of the pillar. Behind it a vast lake of fire and lava bubbles and stirs, forming an awe inspiring backdrop to any sitting on throne.

look fire words
These fiery letters spells out the laws of the elves
1. You will have no other god. You are an elf. You will always be an elf and will follow the ideals of the elven people for your immortal life.
2. You will not steal from an elf. No matter who the elf errantly follows or mistakenly believes they are an elf and you should never obtain another elves possessions without them giving it to you. Example - If someone pk's an elf and gives you some of their eq, pk that person and give the elf back his eq and the someone's as well. If you find their corpse return it.
3. You will not kill an elf. Never harm another elf player. If you see an elf player being attacked help them. This is mandatory, never let an elf be harmed without you yourself trying to prevent it. Even if it's only with spells (sanctuary, heal, darkness, shield, cloak) If you see two elves fighting try to break it up and explain to them their error.
4. You will not covet another elves possessions or life. This is addressed mainly in the upper two, but also, if you have extra eq give it to an elf, don't' trade it.
(look fire2)

look fire2 words2
5. Half-elves are abominations, a perversion of the elven people. They are to be scorned at the very least, eradicated at the best. Don't talk to half-elves, don't trade with half-elves and definitely don't help a half-elf in any way.
6. Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Giants and Aarakocra are inconsequential. I don't care about them. Use them however you wish. Use them for exp, eq, to pk anything. I don't care and they don't matter. Never talk to them as equals, they are below you.
7. Gnomes and Minotaurs are the chosen servants of the elven people. Try not to harm them unless they are speaking disparagingly of the elves, or show violent tendencies. Gnomes and Minotaurs can and may be in the followings, they will have special rules to follow (see Laws of the Servants).
8. Every god has this one, but Have Fun. Just enjoy it, there are few guidelines on how to interact with the non-elves so whatever you want you do, you're not aligned in anyway, your an Elf!.

look air cushion
This air elemental whirls fiercely creating a cushion of air on which to sit. As you approach it and try to sit the air elemental stops and you fall to the ground. Apparently this throne of air is for someone of greater importance.

look statue
Veins of fire, air, water and earth swirl in incomprehensible complexity to form a colossal statue of Myronides, God of the Elves. The elementals swirling to create this wonder seem to team with energy, and you sense that if they desired to experience life, a pulse of power would bring this colossal to life and a new elf would be born. At the base, in glistening water a small inscription stirs.

look inscription
Myronides, God of the Elves, Fourth of the Hundred.

look bowl earth
This large, but simple bowl serves some unknown purpose. But it moves slightly as you examine it, signifying perhaps it is not a bowl, but like everything else in this temple, a elemental serving a purpose known only to a higher power.

look water portal north
Seemingly like looking through a waterfall you glimpse the temple grounds on the other side of this water elemental. That an elemental itself could be a magical portal shocks you. How much natural magic and power and potential does each elemental, or each elf contain?

look pillar down
Thrusting out of a sea of fire this pillar is your haven. When you stare at the ground you notice it seems like to rock itself moves beneath you, and you realize this, like everything in this place is a conglomeration of elementals. That so many earth elementals could combine to form such a seamless and unified pillar of strength bodes well for the elven people.

look lava
What you now understand to be a sea of fire elementals stirs below you. For a brief instance you wonder what become of you if you plunged into the sea below. Would you experience death, or is there enough elemental in you still that you would join the whole? With this thought you notice a vein of fire pulse along your forearm.... The power need only be tapped.

look vein
A realization comes over you, that even though you are hundreds of generations removed from being an elemental, deep in the core of your being you are still. As thoughts of joining the ocean below fill you, you realize that in becoming an elf, you're ancestors gave up something intangible, that you cannot name but can feel in your center. A unity? A freedom? A uniqueness? A world that none of the mortal races could ever understand. Perhaps someday when you're path has wound it's course you will return again to regain it, and share with the whole the experiences of mortal life.

look ocean up
High above you an ocean spans from horizon to horizon, and seemingly infinite in depth. Each current and whirl seems to be it's own and unique, but also forming a whole that is limitless, vast and uncomprehendable. Unexpectedly a thin finger of water starts extending towards you, covering the distance in only seconds. It stops inches above you.

look finger
Looking at the finger, an elven face forms in the surface of the water and smiles at you. Than in a sudden burst of speed, the finger splashes back into the ocean high above you.

look currents
The air itself seems to be alive as currents dart and stream around you. You gasp, sucking in a another breath of air, than choke it out quickly as you come to the realization you are breathing air elementals! The air itself forms a elven face in front of you, a laughing face. With a wink and another laugh it dissipates.