The Temple of the Crimson Sun

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The sky burns a bloody bright red color that casts an eerie glow upon the
temple. Four tall ornate black obsidian pillars stand in dominance over
the temple. The floor is checkered white marble and black obsidian which
is meticulously polished. Flames form walls between the pillars making
the temple very hot. Set in the center of the temple is a very simple yet
eloquent black obsidian altar. Resting upon the altar there is a polished
sacrificial dagger, waiting for someone to make the blood oath to appease
the lord of the Crimson Sun. Evil radiates everywhere.

The crimson sky burns the color of blood, inspiring those in the Crimson Sun to spill the blood of their enemies.

The black and white checkered floor below you is symbolic of the balance
between good and evil. Though good is our enemy, it gives us measure to
our wickedness. Without good, there is no evil. However, that does not
mean they are to be spared. We will make their existence miserable and

The wall of flame burns a bright blue and green hue and emits great heat.
A statue carved in finely polished black obsidian stands before the fire.
It depicts a human woman, a plaque below it can be read...

"Lady DarkClaw, Keeper of the Elements."

It goes into further detail below...
"The Goddess took in Lycron in his final years as a mortal and helped him
reach immortality. Lady DarkClaw and the Keepers of the Elements should
be respected. DarkClaw taught Lycron the path of Chaos."

The wall of flame in the west burns brightly and emits a dark crimson hue
which emits very bright light. There is a statue standing before the wall
that depicts two men in combat. The man standing victoriously over his
defeated opponent flashes an evil grin ready to deliver the coup de grace
The defeated man appears to be begging for mercy, a plaque bears the only
two words, "No mercy."

The flames part so that you may freely enter and depart from the temple.

The wall of flame burns bright red and looks like big jagged teeth trying
to envelope the sky. The amount of heat the wall produces is incredible!
Standing before the wall is a statue carved out of obsidian that rests on
a base of highly polished marble. The statue appears to be the figure of
Lord Lycron, the Lord of the Crimson Sun. An inscription caved into the
marble base can be seen, it reads...

"A simple gnome from Thistlerock, to Fire God in the sky."

The wall of flame burns bright orange and flickers wildly. A statue can
be seen standing proudly in front of the wall. It is carved into obsidian
and is highly polished, standing upon a white marble base. It depicts a
an elf standing proudly before what appears to be a great sequoia. Below
on the base an inscription can be read...

"Lord Kerriariadne, God of Darkness."

It goes into further detail below...

"The God of the Crimson Sun spent the majority of his mortal life serving
the Lord of Darkness, Kerriariadne is to be exalted by all members of the
order. Kerriaradne taught Lycron the path of Evil."

The inscription states the Code of the Crimson Sun...

"I shall never give way to fear, under any circumstance."
"If I shall meet my end, I shall meet it bravely."
"The members of the Order are my family, I shall have no other."
"I shall give myself to the Order, without reservation."
"I shall protect the mysterious and secrets of the order with my life."
"I shall obey the orders of Lord Lycron, and those appointed above me."
"I shall obey the rules of the Realm, and those passed to me by any god."
"Those who call themselves 'Good' are my sworn enemy, they must perish."
"I will devote myself to causing Chaos and Pain to enemies of the Order."
"I will help, aid and assist my family, my allies, and new born mortals."
"I will never break the OATH which I made upon gaining admission."
"I will operate within due bounds of my FACTION."
"My goal is perfection, I shall attain it within due bounds of the Code."

Acolytes - Effective 20 or Below.
--- Your primary purpose is to learn the ways of the order, do your best
to make yourself a valuable asset and assist your brethren if you can.

Assailants - Effective 20 and above, Aggressive Hunters.
--- Your primary purpose is to destroy anything that moves and has a blue
aura. Secondary purposes include contributing the gear of your victims to
your brethren, growing into unstoppable forces and helping your brethren
to do the same.

Vindicators - Effective 20 and above, Justified Hunters / Guardians.
--- Your primary purpose is to defend your brethren when in danger, grow
into a powerful force and assist your brethren to do the same. Secondary
purposes include contributing equipment to order and becoming a scholar of
the realm; being able to readily relay information to those in the order
who need it.

Candidate, having agreed to live by the Code of the Order and being well
recommended - you shall now take the Oath and offer a sacrifice of blood
upon the altar.

"I (state your name), in the presence of Lord Lycron humbly offer my
meaningless life in the promise that I shall be rebuilt into the epitome
of pure Evil and Chaos, thereby validating my existence and giving birth
to purpose. I give this sacrifice of blood upon the altar as a token of
my undying loyalty to Lycron and to my family in the Order."