The Temple of Zarous

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There's no mistaking it... You're in Zarous's temple.

Look North:
The Altar, soapbox, and some other stuff is over there. There's a symbol
on the wall in a flat, clear crystal. You notice there are some cookie
crumbs on the floor too.

Look East:
There is stuff on the walls and junk on the floor, but the abstract stained
glass windows are pretty. You notice a sign partially obscured by a mounted
moose head with sunglasses.

Look South:
You notice a business card and a checklist stuck to the wall next to the door.
The Pool is probably clean because the Pool cleaner comes by every day. There
is a message in tiny print on the business card.

Look West:
You can almost walk here without tripping over things. The abstract stained
glass windows on this side are as nice as the ones on the other side. One of
them looks like a door.

Look UP:
The chandelier is black with the soot of the ages and it has wax drips
around the candle holders.

Look Down:
The floor is littered with a jumble of furniture, from roughly hewn pine to
inlaid mahogany. Some have been used recently, others have not been for years.

Look temple:
This temple, long, narrow, and of rough stone is accentuated with a long,
still Pool of crystal clear water. During the day, threads of crisp colored
light shine from the colored glass windows and illuminate the dust in the
air, and at night the wrought iron chandeliers light this stately structure.
The otherwise traditional architecture is obviously wracked by the furnishings
of an absurd Viking resident. Maps, plans, a sign, lists, and mounted animal
(and monster) heads adorn the walls, many hastily attached with a dagger or
large pin. Oars, gems, furniture, a cord of firewood, and general loot are
strewn along the sides of the temple next to the walls. At the Head of the
temple is a soapbox and a rather dusty altar and despite the cluttered and
unrefined overall decor of the temple, the Pool is strangely clean.

Look crumbs:
They look like chocolate chip cookie crumbs.

Look symbol crystal:
There is a Symbol of Justice encased in a clear crystal here resting on a
dusty little shelf. It's probably the only thing in this temple as clean
as the Pool.

Look moose head moosehead 'moose head'
You'd swear it just smirked at you.

LOok sign:

The sign reads:
>>>Pool Rules<<<
1. Don't swim alone.
2. No running.
3. Don't pee in the Pool.
4. Look Pool, before you leap.

and, hand written below the sign, on the wall reads:


Look stone:
The stone is rock-like and hard.

Look pool:
The Pool of water is perfectly still and cool. You hesitate to disturb
it. When you look at it from each of the 4 cardinal directions a different
message is imparted... (i.e. look PoolNorth)

Look poolnorth
The Pool reveals:
There are infinite paths available to beings of all races. The path of
Zarous leads to discovery and adventure. To seek this path is to obey it.

Look poolsouth:
The Pool reveals:
Zarous expects followers to stay well within the rules of the world.
Divine recall may be granted to followers at level 10; you must ask
for this privilege and it is not guaranteed.
A stash of leveling equipment is held by Zarous for use by followers;
you must ask for this privilege also, and its use is not guaranteed.
All gods are not permitted to divulge specific information about eq,
stats, areas, etc. Zarous can and will only assist you with general
information... ask fellow followers for specific details instead.
Seek PK revenge against PKr's of fellow followers.
Seek PK revenge against thievery of fellow followers.
Compel evil to lighten up and not be so uptight.

Look pooleast:
The Pool reveals:
Join with other followers, good, or good-neutral adventurers in your quests.

Look poolwest:
The Pool reveals:
Mages : ID for followers as needed when convenient. 2 IDs maximum for
non-followers. Nothing for Evil (Err, sorry, no mana... busy etc...)
Non-mages : Be understanding that ID'ing takes large periods of time from
mages that they could use to be getting xp.
Clerics : Heal "tank" in groups and cure disease when possible ('cept evils).
Non-clerics: Healing takes distance and time away from clerics.
Warriors: Zarous like Warrior. Warrior good. Warrior hit enemy hard for Zarous.
Rangers : Make steaks and stuff...
Thieves : Zarous is not crazy about thieves... only steal from other _active_
thieves or on decree of "Zarounian-Free-Steal-Day"

Look pooldown:
The Pool reveals:
You are underwater...

Look door light loot fireplace:
It's really nice.

Look oars gems windows stained glass:
They're really nice.

Look map:
This map was of the adventurers guild before it was spattered with blood
and dirt.

Look maps:
They are old and tattered from much use. Whoever made them wrote with a
sloppy hand.

Look plans:
The plans are mostly pictures and diagrams, poorly drawn.

Look lists:
The lists outline provisions and preperations for long journeys.

Look heads:
The heads of many creatures adorn the walls. One of an Ofcol Guard
catches your eye.

Look wood firewood:
There's some firewood here for the fireplace that you just noticed.

Look soapbox:
Why is there a soapbox here?

Look businesscard business card print message:
The message reads:

| |
| To would be Zarous followers: Expert Pool Cleaning |
| Zarous is not-entirely sane. 2785 Raff Way #2 |
| His heart is in the right place, Ofcol |
| but his mind can occasionally |
| be very dangerous. Complete Services |
| [In Script] Low Prices |
| The Pool Cleaner. Specializing in Magical Pools|
| |


Well, it's not like an office like you'd think... there are some comfy chairs
and a sofa with end and coffee tables on a grassy hill under a large Oak tree.
It's always sunny with a couple puffy white clouds in the sky here, and bunnies
and squirels play under the tree. Everything is immaculate and clean.

The hills go on as far as you can see.

Look EAST:
A stained glass door leads into the temple.

The hills go on as far as you can see.

Look WEST:
The hills go on as far as you can see.

Look UP:
The clouds in the sky are puffy white and don't look very threatening.
Occasionally one will pass overhead and a refreshing cool breeze will
come up giving you goosebumps.

Look DOWN:
The Grass is thick and a padded rug under your feet.

Look chair:
Two high-backed elven provincial chairs are here. The upholstery is
tuck and roll blue leather. they're very comfortable.

Look Sofa:
The sofa, like the chairs, is also tuck and roll blue leather. The Sofa has
plastic slip covers on it to prevent damage from spills and dirt.

Look Grassy hill:
The Grass is thick and green... like a padded rug under your feet. It makes
you want to take your boots off and run through it with wild abandon.
The hill on which it is situated is high and there are rolling hills as far
as the eye can see. The soil is high and dry... perfect for bunnie holes.
Each valley has a clear stream which feeds the cottonwoods on their banks.

Look bunny bunnies bunnys squirrel squirrels:
Damn they're cute! You wouldn't dream of hurting them.

Look tree oak:
The tree on the hill is a perfect specimen of an ancient oak. Vibrant and
healthy the leaves flutter and the branches sway slightly at the
occasional breeze. There are a couple bunnie holes near the tree's roots
and squirrels gather and store the acorns that fall from it.

Look end table coffee tables:
They are low, made of stone, and appear to be imported from Dwarvenhold.
Perfect for putting your feet on while relaxing. The end table has a pitcher
of lemonade, much like those found in the gallery of the arena, and four
indestructable tupperware plastic tumblers on it. There is also a paper
straw dispenser here.

Look leather stream cottonwood lemonade straw dispenser breeze:
It's really nice.

Look cottonwoods streams straws leaves branches acorns:
They're really nice.

Look tupperware tumbler tumblers:
They're quite indestructable... some sort of new space age plastic.