The Temple of Pyros

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You are in a huge hallway 40 feet wide and 80 feet long. The floors and walls are made of polished red granite. Massive pillars made of black marble veined with crimson stand evenly spaced along both sides of the hall. High above you, a cloud of black smoke obscures the ceiling from view.

At the northern end of the hall there is an immense pit of fire with flames leaping nearly twenty feet into the air. On both sides of the pit are brass braziers set with rubies, fire opals, jacinths, and garnet gemstones. Strange coals and unidentifiable lumps burn with an eerie dark fire in each brazier.

Reflections from the fires flicker along walls and floors and give the crimson veins in the pillars the illusion of movement, like miniature rivers of molten lava. A set of double doors takes up much of the southern wall -apparently the only exit.
(Red Aura) A huge slab of obsidian stands here.

Holy Symbol: a Talisman of Fire
Look Symbol: A strange, burning talisman lies here.

Look altar slab obsidian:
Formed from super-heated lava and cooled off, this altar of black obsidian was a gift from the Ruler of the Elemental Plane of Fire. It rests on a rectangular base of igneous rock.

Look North:
On the north wall, beyond the leaping flames, is a tapestry depicting some major events in Pyros's life: Slaying the Fire Ruler to attain his last mortal level, being granted Immortality by Madman, promotion to Demigod by Tynian, his marriage to Syla with Nayr presiding, his follower Volos completing the quest to become High Lord of Fire, and Tynian promoting Masher to Attendant of Pyros, the first such promotion on TFC.

Look East:
In the center of the east wall is a larger-than-life sized portrait of a beautiful, godlike, woman holding a black cat and smiling mischievously. The painting was done painstakingly by Pyros himself!

Look South:
The south wall houses two giant-sized doors made of oak and reinforced with bronze. The wood has been stained to a lustrous black, and fiery magical runes are inscribed on the bronze.

Look West:
In the center of the west wall is a painting of a tall, cowled figure. He has a large black raven perched on his left arm. You surmise this must be Pyros's first god, Nayr the Wise, with his raven, Ygg.

Look UP:
A churning mass of black smoke obscures the ceiling. Sparks flare brightly and fade like tiny, short-lived stars.

Look DOWN:
The granite blocks that make up the floor have been sanded down and polished to a smooth reflective surface. For some reason, no ashes or soot mar the floors perfection.

(From a Temple Zone ARE file dated 01/29/1998)