The Sanitarium

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As you walk into the sanitarium, you feel as if you're in a doctor's office.
The walls are lined with chairs and tables with small books on them. The floor
is made of checkered black and white marble tiles. On the walls hang various
pictures of calming scenery, plaques and torches for light. In the center of
the room sits a large desk and chair.
A small medicine cabinet sits behind a large desk.

LOOK cabinet:
Through glass panes on the doors, you can see that this small medicine cabinet
is packed full of a variety of differently sized bottles of pills and potions
of all different colors and shapes. It's small, yet too heavy to lift. There's
a tiny key-hole on the front just between the doors. It is for good reason
that this cabinet remains locked.

Holy Symbol: a small bottle of blue pills
A small bottle of pills, prescribed to you, lies here.

LOOK small bottle pills
This small bottle is made of a thin glass-like material and is capped with a
cork. No matter how many pills you've taken, the bottle never seems to become
empty. The pills are small, round and blue with a 'V' imprinted on them. There
is also a small label attached to the side of the bottle.

LOOK label
A small piece of paper is attached to the side of
the bottle with some kind of adhesive substance:

| Directions: |
| Take one pill by mouth every day as long as |
| symptoms occur. |
| |
| Seek Vorax if symptoms cease. |
| |

On the north wall hangs a poster, one of a few that can be seen around the
room. It also has a medicine cabinet and a door that is kept locked. It
probably leads to some private office.

Look EAST:
The east wall, much like the others, is bare with the exception of a plaque or
two. A few chairs line the floor with a table in the corner.

There's a large iron gate to the south. It's usually kept open to allow
visitors in and out of the sanitarium.

Look WEST:
The west wall is lined with chairs and tables. A few plaques are hanging on
the wall.

Look UP:
The ceiling is as white as the walls.

Look DOWN:
The floor is checkered with black and white tiles of marble. Each tile has
been polished to a mirror shine, making the room appear much larger than it
actually is.

LOOK desk
The desk is very large with several drawers on each side. The surface of the
desk is covered by a calendar and several notes and lists stacked under a
large paper weight. On one corner of the desk sits a small, framed portrait of
a dark-skinned elven girl.

LOOK chair
This chair is very large and VERY comfortable.

LOOK chairs
These chairs are arranged neatly along the walls, separated every so often by
a small table with books and other reading material.

LOOK list lists
Several lists are laying here on the desk. One is a list of things to do, one
is a list of goods to pick up from the baker. Another list looks like a list
of ingredients for mixing medicinal potions and pills.

LOOK framed portrait
This girl looks young and cheery. Her skin is a shade between that of normal
elves and drow. This is Selune, one of Vorax's daughters.

LOOK paperwieght paper weight
A phrase engraved on the paper weight reads: Welcome home.

LOOK vip vips
The VIP list seems to be short and consists only of family members.

| VIP List |
| --------------------------------- |
| Sune |
| Selune |
| Zip |
| |

LOOK calendar
This large calendar covers most of the desk's surface. It's very large and
only one month is visible. Each of the three weeks of the month have nothing
written in them. Perhaps now would be a good time to schedule an appointment
with Vorax.

LOOK plaque plaques
Several plaques hang on the walls, each one numbered. You count three in all.
(Look plaque1, look plaque2, look plaque3)

LOOK plaque1
General Rules:
1. No running in the halls.
2. Don't be noisy.
3. Keep your room clean.
4. Don't forget to take your medicine.
5. Always have fun!

LOOK plaque2
Patients' Rules:
1. You must always have your bottle of pills on you.
2. You may not engage in fights.
3. You must report any problems you have to a staff member.
4. Follow doctors' orders.

LOOK plaque3
Staff Rules:
1. You must always take care of the patients.
2. You may only fight those who have harmed patients or staff of the sanitarium.
3. Keep a good bedside manner.

LOOK table tables
Small tables sit around the room between some of the chairs. On top of the
tables lie various books and magazines.

LOOK table1
The top of this small table is covered with a few magazines. One looks like a
children's magazine entitled Highlights. There's another small book here with
colorful animals on the cover. Beside it lies a small box of colored wax

LOOK table2
This small table has a couple books of art. One's cover is a painting of a
repeating pattern that swirls into infinity.

LOOK table3
This table has only two magazines on it: Stuff Magazine and Psychology Today.
LOOK wax sticks crayons
A rainbow assortment of colored wax sticks are packed neatly in a small box.
Some of them are worn down from use. What could these be used for?

LOOK stuff
Stuff Magazine:
This magazine's cover has a picture of a scantily clad elven woman. As you flip
though the pages you see similar pictures of human, half-elven and other elven
women. What's this doing here?

LOOK coloring coloring
A coloring book:
This small book's cover has colorful animals depicted on it. As you open it
up, you see pictures of other animals doing playful things, but there's no
color to them, only the outlines. It would be fun to color these in yourself.

LOOK highlights
This book for children is full of fun activities, games and puzzles. It also
has some pages that you can color in yourself. Now, where are those crayons?
LOOK psychology

Psychology Today:
This magazine is full of self-help articles and suggestions on how to improve
your life by doctors around the realm. Not as interesting as you would have
hoped it would be, but maybe some of the articles will help.

LOOK fractal fractals art
Book of Fractals:
These images look like weird shapes of repeating patterns. They are very
brightly colored. As you look closer at one of the designs, you can notice the
same design within it, yet smaller, and another one within that one. How deep
does this design go?

LOOK drawer drawers
Most of the drawers of the desk are closed and kept locked. There is, however,
one drawer that is partially opened. As you peer inside, you can see small
crumbs of a dark brown substance.

LOOK crumbs
You examine the crumbs closer and the scent of chocolate hits your nose. There
is only one person who would leave chocolate crumbs in Vorax's desk.

LOOK poster posters
Several posters are hanging on the walls. One is of a sunrise over the
snow-capped mountains of the Oort range. Another is of the beautiful Mysterra
falls. There are a couple of other posters, one of day and one of night, of the
deepwood. The night poster shows the silhouette of a unicorn against a full
moon and a starry sky.

LOOK staff
The Sanitarium's staff consists of Doctors, Nurses and Orderlies. In order to
apply for for a staff position you must have a vast knowledge of the world
around you and its workings. You must be able to navigate from town to town and
from continent to continent. It will be necessary to do these things in order
to effectively help the patients.

  • Doctors are required to have a magic class level of at least 20.
  • Nurses are required to have a magic class.
  • Orderlies do not require a magic class.

LOOK patient patients
Patients are newbies and are separated into four color-coded wards. Each color
represents a different level of newbie knowledge.

  • Yellow Ward - Patients in the yellow ward have little or no knowledge of the

realm. These patients will require the most help from the staff.

  • Blue Ward - Patients in the blue ward have some knowledge of the realm, such

as their hometown and some surrounding areas. These patients will also require
a lot of help from the staff.

  • Green Ward - Patients in the green ward have more knowledge of the realm

than those in the blue ward. They know of their hometowns, surrounding areas
and other near-by hometowns as well as some areas surrounding those towns.

  • Red Ward - Patients in the red ward require the least amount of help from

the staff. Red ward patients are required to be at least effective level 15 if
they were previously in another ward.