The Sanctuary of the Guardians

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As you enter, you feel as though your whole body is being constricted,
yet being pulled apart at the same time. When you regain your
orientation, you find yourself standing in a large room made entirely of
metal that glistens with the reflection from your light. You notice two
large, well-armored guards standing on either side of you. Clearly,
causing trouble in this room would not be wise. Against the north wall
is a large chair upon which Thor sits watching and protecting the
Guardians. You see a scroll hung on the west wall.

Against the northern wall is Thor's chair. As you look at the wall
closer, you notice that the metal seems to melt away and the wall
becomes translucent, which is how Thor is able to watch everything
happening in the entire realm at once.

Look EAST:
To the east you see a shimmering portal through which you
first entered the room. You assume that this would be the way back to
the avenue. You shiver as you recount your previous experience with
the portal.

You see several comfortable chairs along the south wall. Here is where
the Guardians come to share their experiences with one another.

Look WEST:
You look towards the west wall and noticed that the smooth,
seamless perfection of the metal is marred only by a single scroll. You
look a little closer and see that it is the rules the Guardians are held
accountable for.

LOOK scroll rules
As you look at the scroll you see a set of rules for Thor's Guardians:
Rule #1: Destroy all evil in any way possible.
Rule #2: Keep all smack talk on ftell ONLY.
Rule #3: Post all PC Vs. PC battles on Guardian forums.
Rule #4: Keep your word and do not lie, or risk penalty of death.
Rule #5: Very little bad language will be tolerated on ftell.
Rule #6: This is just a game. Have fun!