The Sacred Lair of the Shadows

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It is within this huge dug-out cavern, deep underground, that Vorax makes his home. The air is moist and cool with a musty odor. Everywhere you look there seems to be some kind of spider crawling around or spinning a web. A soft glow from above illuminates the area. The center of the area is dominated by a large black spider-shaped throne. Behind it, to the north, lies a large web. Three distinct spiders and their webs cover the west wall. A large painting hangs on the wall to the east. The only means of escape lies through the door to the south.

(Red Aura) A large black spider-shaped throne rests in the center of the room.

LOOK throne
The throne is shaped like a large black spider. Its legs span seven feet across the ground and raise the throne four feet off the ground when sat upon. Its eight eyes stare straight back at you, as if it were alive and watching your every move. Its fangs glisten under the soft light of the glowing spiders above, and some thick liquid seems to be dripping from them.

Holy Symbol: a small jade spider

Look decoration wwp jade spider:
A small jade spider with a large "V" carved into its abdomen fastens tightly to your armor.

A large WEB blocks your path from furthering your exploration of this lair.

Look EAST:
This wall is decorated with a large PAINTING, depicting several different people from Vorax's mortal life.

A large, decorated DOOR lies to the south.

Look WEST:
The western wall is decorated by the webs of three distinct SPIDERS.

Look UP:
High above you, the ceiling looks a pale yellow, and seems to be alive. You can make out several small GLOWING spiders.

Look DOWN:
You stand upon several of the STONES that cover the floor.

Three spiders cover the western wall. Each a different color, white, red and black, with different writings in their webs.

You see a newborn white spider, just starting to weave its web. It requires guidance, encouragement, protection and support.
A single word written in its newly formed web reads: Innocence.

This spider is not red by choice, but is red from the blood that stains it. Its web is ripped and shredded, barely able to maintain its shape.
A single word in what remains of its web reads: Violence.

This black spider is old and decaying from disease. It serves to remind us that death is always near and may come more than once. In its web lies a cocoon from which new life will be born from upon the spider's death to start the cycle over again.
A single word written in its rotting web reads: Death.

The job of lighting up the room belongs to these tiny spiders. Their glowing bodies luminate the room nicely. There must be thousands of them!

The floor is made up of smooth, flat black granite stones. Each one made by hand and smoothed. A web-like pattern is carved into each stone.

A large painting dominates the eastern wall. The painting shows several people of different races, HUMAN, AARAKOCRAN, DWARF, OGRE, and ELF, standing together.

His dark brown/crimson tinged hair seems to be dangling lazily in the breeze. He has a long scar down his face. Not a battle scar, but a clean ceremonial gash. His well conditioned body is not a scrawny build, nor an overly huge one. A dull red tattoo of a flaming hawk is noticeable on his left arm. A golden locket loosely hangs from his neck.
A metal name plate below him reads: Whitehawk

A scrawny birdman is here, ruffling his dark grey feathers, revealing a vivid green downy layer underneath. On the side of his face is a thinning of feathers, apparently from where a scar is. A worn pair of flying goggles hangs from his neck.
A metal name plate below him reads: Pitt

The dwarf appears to be a well trained fighter. In his grey eyes you can see coldness, a detachment from emotions. His long, dark beard is in two braids that are tucked into his belt to stay out of the way in battle. On his left cheek a small scar can barely bee seen through his beard. He's no taller than any average dwarf, but as you look at him the word "big" comes to mind. His powerful body seems to almost bulge out of his armor.
A metal name plate below him reads: Kandrell

Although his build makes him out to be an ogre, he doesn't much resemble one. Wearing some nasty-looking fur (probably some dead animal not yet skinned) about his body, a blonde wig on his head and a plucked chicken in his hand. A mark resembling a scar can be seen on the side of his face. He does indeed look quite odd.
A metal name plate below him reads: Mong

A battle-worn and hardened elven woman stands with the group. Her eyes hold a stern demeanor yet a warm depth. Her face is beautiful, lithe and, delicate. Yet her jaw is hard, her face stern, and a single imperfection: a healing scar on her left cheek.
A metal name plate below her reads: Sune

This huge door is made of a thick, strong wood. The door is decorated with small spider web designs. The door frame is decorated with many carvings of spider-shaped symbols.

This very large web extends from the ceiling to the floor and from the western wall to the eastern wall. Its strands are thick and strong, resistant to any attempt to break them. It serves as protection for you from the creatures that dwell behind it.