The Playground of Mayhem

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As you enter the Playground of Mayhem, you suddenly feel like a little kid again. You are surrounded by useless knick-knacks, such as that are scattered about for no apparent reason. Also, the walls are made up of trick mirrors with large question marks attached to them. Several balloons are pinned to the wall, perhaps as some odd form of decoration? One thing's for sure, this place is very bizarre... but it intrigues you beyond words.

(Light Purple Aura) (Token Magic) A small, mysterious black box rests upon a podium here.


This box contains the secrets of Mayhem! Each side reveals a little bit about it. (LOOK SIDE1 SIDE2 SIDE3 SIDE4 SIDE5 SIDE6)

LOOK SIDE1: other keyword RULES

LOOK SIDE2: All you see is some scribbled writing and a big Question mark on this side of the box.

LOOK SIDE3: (Requirements) other keyword REQUIREMENTS

LOOK SIDE4: A picture of a jester's hat is drawn on here.

LOOK SIDE5: "Always wear pants"

LOOK SIDE6: A small plaque, reading:

Thank you Sylarn and Dekar for helping me design the temple.

The painting depicts a large scale battle with a massive army following a dwarf whom you recognize as Artanis. The army of Artanis is destroying its opponent effortlessly. A small caption below reads. "MAYHEM"

Look South:
You see a gigantic question mark on the southern wall, you wonder the meaning of it.

Look North:
You see your own reflection, but ten times fatter!

Look East:
You see a slide leading out of the Playground of Mayhem.

Look West:
You see your own reflection, except ten times skinnier!

Look Down:
You nearly jump as you see a Welcome mat, made from Polar bear hide

Look Up:
You see the ceiling.. What did you expect?