The Pit of Chaos

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Shivers wrack your form as you gaze about this dismal cave. Crude steps lead precariously down into its smoky depths, feebly illuminated by brass lanterns dangling on sooty chains from the ceiling. The cavern walls flicker in the firelight, creating the illusion that the many crude carvings upon the stone wall move and crawl.

An ancient stone altar dominates the center of this chamber, its once holy purpose defiled and put to common use. Ash and debris pile high at its base and foul stains shroud its grimy surface and parts of the walls. Inscriptions cover its front.

(Red Aura) A stolen dwarven mining cart with two broken wheels lays here on it's side.

Look Cart:
This mining cart still has the remnants of what seems to have been a valuable haul from the depths of the Dwarvenhold mines. The wheels on the right side have broken off, rendering the cart useless.

Holy Symbol: The Rune of Chaos Look Rune: This Rune signifies your undying devotion to the Lord of Chaos.

The stone walls are covered in filth, soot and a strange moss that glows with an odd green phosphorescence. Someone has taken the time to chip at the rock, leaving strange carvings behind to pique your curiosity.

Look EAST:
Revolting moss of a nauseating green color creeps over the soot and blood-spattered walls, partially obscuring the many strange carvings upon it.

Two large iron doors equipped with a heavy wooden bar stand guard over the exit passageway of this cave.

Look WEST:
Tendrils of moss snake over the blackened walls, intertwining with the obscure, odd, and intricate carvings upon the stone.

Look UP:
The ceiling of this cave is blackened with soot from the dangling lanterns and obscured by the ever-present smoke.

Look DOWN:
Debris and ash, along with various unidentifiable stains, litter the floor.

Look alter:
This ancient stone altar dominates the center of the chamber, its once holy purpose defiled and put to common use. Upon the top of the altar, a shallow, oval indentation is partially filled with dust, soil, and other effluvia. Ash and debris pile high at its base and foul stains shroud its grimy surface and parts of the walls. Upon the front of the altar, a fairly recent inscription has been carved.

Look carvings carving
A host of amusing carvings and drawings line the walls of this cave. Feel free to examine them. (look carving1, look carving2, etc.)

Look carving1
A stick figure drawing of a man holding a horn of plenty, food and drink spilling from it, meets your gaze.

Look carving2
Roughly depicted in the stone are the scales of Balance, locked rigidly in place forever.

Look carving3
Images too obscene and horrific to contemplate mark the stone here.

Look carving4
One of the more recent additions to the cave wall reads: "When you find yourself wounded on the Great Eastern Plains And the victor has come to grind your remains Say your last prayer, unsheathe your sword And cut out your heart like a warrior"

Look carving5
A dwarf with a divine glow stands on a bar stool, relieving himself on a pile of dead elves. He looks quite like some other familiar boy, famous for relieving himself on things.

Look carving6
Carved into the stone are the words, "HOOCH BADUMSCRUBBA KCHARRRTIMBAMBOO" This graffiti seems to have gotten it's own reply: "Yeah, you know what that means, don't act like you don't."

Look indentation
A the bottom of the indentation, written in small letters, you see the inscription: "Stouthbound waz heer"

Look inscription inscriptions
/`-= SO ARE WRITTEN THE LAWS OF THE LORD OF CHAOS =-`\ | | | 1. Obey the rules of this realm | | 2. Whining is unbecoming to say the least | | 3. I will not tolerate pissing contests on | | public channels. | | | | Disobey these rules and die, it's that simple | | Other than this, I care not what you do. |

Look cave
Perhaps this was a holy gathering place for some long- gone race. Perhaps it was a refuge for souls tired of the long, arduous battles to simply sustain life and keep soul and flesh as one. Who knows what forms of worship were given in this cave? Only the evidence of it's new inhabitants remains: the stolen ore cart, the scrawled carvings, the smoke-producing lanterns and the piles of discarded trash.

Look steps
Crudely cut from the living stone, there are six shallow stone steps leading down from the iron doors to the south down into the depths of the pit.

Look lantern lanterns
Obviously of dwarven make, these hanging brass lamps exude a thick, oily smoke that paints the cave in smoke and black soot.

Look ash debris
It appears that the altar has been used as a cooking surface, for the charred remains of wood and ash are scattered about the floor at the base of the stone altar. There are also scattered bits of what looks like the remains of several slain individuals lying haphazardly here and there.