The Office of a Mad Mathematician

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The Library of a Mad Mathematician
[Exits: none]
Huge bookshelves cover the entire east and north walls; mathematics texts, computer science books, auto racing memorabilia, and other assorted junk crammed in every nook and cranny. Dominating the west wall is a bulletin board with notes, a map of the world, and a blackboard covered with assorted mathematical models of the latest plague virus. Along the south wall is a old oak desk and a big, comfy barco-lounger. On the desk are a couple PC's - one apparently tracking plague statistics, the other churning through some complex iteration in Mathematica. Hung behind the desk is a sign and a poster, and from some secret source comes the thundering sound of Metallica...
(Red Aura) (White Aura) Eyes of fire stare at you from the shadows.

Look EAST:
One whole shelf contains a library of C and Assembler books. The one under to it has complete collections of Ludlum and Clancy, as well as mathematical texts of all types, although most of them deal with differential equations of in some way. Models of Indy Cars and F1 cars sit on another shelf, all by themselves, with a sign in front of them saying, "Look, but DON'T touch!"

Hundreds of books are crammed in the book shelves. A pile of Rubic's Cubes and Pyramix puzzles partially blocks the lower shelves. They all look like they have been completed, the haphazard arrangement seems to say "Too easy. NEXT puzzle please!"

A huge desk and a comfy chair are here, and between them is a pop machine with a wide variety of choices...Mountain Dew, Squirt, Tropical Twister, Slice, Hires Root Beer, and Crush Cream Soda.

Look WEST:
Oh, the products of a diseased mind... The plague model is too confusing to understand, but the maps of the world marking traps and torments is all to clear!

Books, books, and more books are crammed in here, with a few other odds and ends haphazardly tossed in.

Look DESK:
Pencils, pens, a note pad, and computers cover the surface of the desk. The drawers all seem to be locked. Reaching for a pencil as a souvenir of your visit, you hear demons howl, "HANDS OFF!!!"

Look DOWN:
A well worn carpet covers the floor from wall to wall.

Look UP:
Its to dark to tell what might be up there...but there seems to be something moving, and you hear an occasional howl over the music.

Look SIGN:

A picture of a Formula 1 race car becoming an airborne missile dominates the scene, with some scrawled autographs from Niki Lauda, Mario Andretti, and Michael Schumacher along the side...