The Mansion

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The interior of the mansion is comprised mainly of one huge room. Rich,
panelled dividers displaying scenes from Don Genovese's life occupy seemingly
random spots about the room while expertly woven tapestries hang from the
mahogany walls. Tall-backed, stiff wooden chairs dot the floor next to piles
of soft cushions and plush rugs. A roaring fire burns in a massive fireplace
against the western wall - images seem to flicker in its depths. A crude set
of benches occupies the southern wall, along with a rough bookcase and torches
burning fitfully.

One item in particular draws the eye: a massive, black walnut desk that seems
to take up the entire northern wall. There must be a great deal of information
passing through this mansion from the seemingly endless, yet neat piles of
papers and parchments that line the desk. Above the desk hangs a gorgeous
portrait, stunning in its perfection.

Look portrait painting art
The painting depicts a breathtakingly beautiful gnome woman reclining in a
throne, flanked by two bone-white hunting hounds. The pure rage and chaos that
roils within her emerald eyes is nearly tangible - the artist must have been a

Look dividers
Many dividers dot the room, showing many different scenes from the life of the
Don. (look divider, divider2, etc)

Look divider2
The scenes here depict Solaron in his early days, as one of the creators of
the Blades of Fate. He kneels before Cordir, the Weaver, accepting her
blessing to Hunt those who have harmed the Chosen.

Look divider3
The scenes shown on this divider are harsh and difficult to follow. In one
scene, Solaron is shown as himself, an elf. The next displays a gruesome
mixture of the elf and an ogre, a hodgepodge of random body parts. The third
is the Don as he is today - part Ogre, part Elf.

Look divider4
This divider shows the creation of the Wyld Hunt. There, the Wyldess wraps
thorny vines around her chosen Hunters, the bloody wounds marking the men as
hers. In another scene, Solaron and his fellow Hunters are shown battling
those they once fought beside.
This divider has seen better days - dents, tears and stains show the signs of
obvious abuse, perhaps from a hurled goblet or angry swipe with a sword.

Look tapestries
Many rich, expertly-woven tapestries hang from the walls and ceiling of this
huge room. (Look tapestry, look tapestry2, etc)

Look tapestry2
This tapestry displays a dwarf, well armed and armored, obviously a Hunter.
His weapons and armor are stained with blood, but his stance bespeaks one who
has not yet seen enough blood shed.
Woven in crimson threads is the name:
Ink Genovese, Consigliere of the Mafia.

Look divider3
Woven in soft colors is a petite human woman with long tangles of bright red
hair and a face dotted with freckles. An impish grin is captured forever on
her face as she poses seductively. The hilt of a long-bladed dagger is
visible, strapped to her bared thigh. Perhaps that impish grin isn't so cute
after all.
Embroidered in silver thread is a name:
Tylin Genovese, Waif of the Mafia.

Look tapestry3
Two mortals have been captured in an epic battle on this tapestry. A human
mage and an aaracokran shaman call spells down upon each other in a titanic
fight that will last an eternity.
Embroidered in emerald thread are names:
Locke Cole-Genovese, Capo of the Mafia.
Wunk Genovese, the Jerk.

Look desk walnut papers parchments
This desk is piled high with tidy stacks of papers and parchments. Many appear
to be contracts or bounties in the process of being fulfilled, while others
are detailed notes on a quarry's movements. Two papers in particular grab your
attention - one is labeled 'rules' and the other is labeled 'contracts'.

Look rules
The paper is covered in a flowing script. It reads as follows:
These are the rules of the Genovese Family, referred to hereafter as the Mafia:
- Obey all rules posted by God+
- Obey Don Genovese
- Obey the orders of your Capo
- Obey the orders of a Family member
- Adhere to any posted contracts or the Don will have your corpse.
- Do not enter into a contract, personal or otherwise, if you are a Thug.

Look contracts
The Genovese Family occasionally, out of the goodness of our hearts, will
extend an offer of protection to those less fortunate than us. The pay differs
depending on the following, the mood of the Realm and the time frame involved.

If you are a Thug, don't even think of bartering with someone. Point them to a
Family member. If you're a Goon, you may barter for your own individual ones,
however special things await those who turn the individual contract into a
following-wide contract.

Contracts are binding. If you break it, you will pay, it's that simple. We're
not barbarians here. However... if a following refuses our kind offer of
protection, or breaks the contract on their end, I expect to see them ground
into the dirt.

- Don Genovese

Look fireplace flames flame fire
Inside the flickering flames, images seem to dance. A young boy, still a baby,
seems to be the focal point of each flickering image. In some, he sits before
a pool of blood, surrounded by the two bone-white hunting hounds who guard
him. In others, it is the Family, the Consigliere and the Capos who guard him
while his Mother and Father are away. In still others, he giggles as the Don
and the Wyldess hold him in their arms... and for a split second, the eerie
wail of a hunting horn echoes in the distance.