The Mage Academy

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The Mage Academy
Type EXP (All)
Author Mas
Installed March 15th, 2009
Removed unknown

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information

From 'Nicholai's Compendium of Knowledge'

To get here you wander the shadow grove north east of Midgaard until you find A Stone Wall, open north.
Invitations are the key to the guarded entrance door, you can easily get one from one of the minotaur prospective students, or the frightened elves (who flee).
The desk key from one of the assistants in the first room to the west inside the academy (past the courtyard) unlocks the desk in the secretary’s room, the secretary herself has the key to the chest in the assistants room, the key in the assistants room opens the rosewood door on 3rd floor.
The shovel in the cloakroom on 3rd floor opens the flowers in the courtyard where you will find the white rose that is an exclude staff.
The broken staff held by the student in the cloakroom opens the portal down into the high tower
Botswana (the headmaster) has a big invis key that opens vault, only gold in there, not worth the hassle. And I think the key was removed from the game for some reason unknown to me.
There are 4 portals throughout the zone, 1 down in the dungeon (use the plaque in the dean's room to unlock north) in the 2nd to last room of the hallway (opens up) leads to Rowengard on the new continent, 1 in a student dorm room closet leading to a bedroom in triton halls (make sure you have waterbreath on), one on the 3rd floor in the last room to the east before the staircase (I think it's a teacher's lounge) leads to demon realm, and 1 in the headmaster's suite leading to the high tower. These portals are opened by the staff held by either the student or master in the same room.
Wands and staves - equipped by various students and masters throughout the academy.
Cedar wand – absorb
Cedar staff – cloak
Wormwood wand – rift
Deadwood wand – vamp touch
Deadwood staff – energy drain
Whitefrost staff – hailstorm
Ivy wand – immunity
Old staff – silence
Dark wormwood staff – confusion
Pine wand – flamestrike
Pine staff – phosphate
Bent staff – darkness