The Insane Asylum

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The act of entering this place alone calls into question the very sanity of the visitor. It is like a nightmarish hallucination, ever-changing to the whims of the Scary Goddess, Mystaya. The boundaries of this vast cavern are nearly impossible to discern. Shadows move where light should be and eerie sounds fill the empty areas of the room. A feeling of weightlessness rushes through your body, making your head spin as you are drawn into the center of the cave. The cool air is strangely clean and smells, just a touch, of lavender. A light breeze comes from all directions. Far below is a deep, ghost-filled pool. The essence of countless souls are trapped there for the amusement of The Scary One. The spirits reach up to try and touch the bottom of your feet, but are blocked by an invisible floor that creates their prison. Oozing puddings of all sizes and flavors float aimlessly around you, swallowing at random anything that happens to cross their path. Strands of glistening poison ivy crawl up to the walls to the ceiling, randomly flickering in and out of existence. Tiny drops of the plants’ oil drip down into the dark pool below.

(Poison Aura) Mystaya's throne-like hammock of ivy sways back and forth.

Holy Symbol: a torn straightjacket
Long Desc: A torn and bloodstained straightjacket brands the wearer utterly insane.

Look hammock altar
The puddings quickly float into a guarding circle, ready to gobble up anything
or anyone that dares to come any closer.
A mysterious voice says, `My hammock! STAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!'

Look North:
Large cages, big enough to hold even a giant, hover in rows along the moss-covered wall. A few heavily armored, grungy-looking puddings are standing guard.

Look East:
On this large wall, the leaves form hooks of various sizes for storing all your hangable items.

Look South:
A large stone door is camouflaged by an ivy curtain, blocking out the light from the rest of the courtyard.

Look West:
This wall is blanketed in a thick layer of ivy except for one small, slightly foggy, circular window. The window’s thick black frame is as shiny as the day it was made. Not even a single ivy leaf dares to grow near the little window.

Look Up:
The vast canopy above you is absolutely captivating. Vines of ivy cross over each other and intertwine in the most intricate patterns. One could become lost staring at it. The poison oil casts a shimmering glow in the air.

Look Down:
A deep, dark pool lies far below. The sloshing of water against the cavern walls can be heard, creating a soothing rhythm to calm the inmates. Moss covers the walls fare above the water line, giving the impression the pool must have been even deeper at some point. The ghosts bob in and out of the bubbling waters, splashing and booing. They faintly call to you to come and play with them, "Trrrrrrruuuuust me" they say, over and over.

Look ivy:
Vines crawl up the walls creating a most intricate pattern. Some of the larger leaves seem to have script-like veins in them.

Look leaf:
It’s just a leaf! Did you really think there was something written in these veins...? Maybe the intoxicating lavender air is making you see things!

Look pudding puddings:
Many puddings blob around here, there are far too many to see all at once. A rule pudding and requirement pudding are nearby, as well as a variety of flavors.

Look rule:
A most serious looking pudding appears before you. It solemnly points to the northern wall. You'd better heed its words!

Rules for the Insane:
1. Scare whenever, whomever, however you can!
2. No helping or grouping with good followings. (unless it is for evil intents)
3. No picking on newbies, wait until they are big enough to kill! :)
4. NO LYING!!! if you give your word, keep it! or don’t give it at all.
5. Try to offer eq to the following first, before trading or selling it.
6. No whining or complaining, instead.. get even, bug, torture & scare!
7. Follow all mud rules and immortal orders! or I will not be the only one who is rifting you!

- I reserve the right to modify or add to these rules at any time, follow them or else!

Look requirement requirements
A requirement pudding squishes into the center of the cave forming a short list.
1. Give Mystaya a hug.
2. Interview with her.
3. Bring an offering of a pudding corpse.
4. Engage in one act of evil of your choosing.

Look chocolate
This pudding is no longer available due to excessive sampling.

Look vanilla
The intense aroma of this pudding is a reminder of an old home. The darkest of dark thoughts fill your mind!

Look tequila
Shot glasses rimmed with salt and perfect little slices of lime hover around this extra liquidy pudding. Scoop up a shot and drink up!

Look poison
This deadly pudding has been formed over time from the droplets of oil. If an enemy should wander in, direct them toward this shimmering glob of death!