The Holy Temple of the Syndicate of Assassins

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You are standing inside the Holy Temple of the Syndicate of Assassins. This place is made of old, crimson red stones and has no windows. The only source of light comes from a glowing orb flying overhead in a strange pattern. You can feel the coldness of this place.

Looking west, you notice a long, semicircular bench where Assassins often come to rest and discuss the journeys they have made. You also see a plaque on the wall over the bench.
(Red Aura) An altar made of ancient bones stands here.

Holy Symbol: a Dragon's Tooth
Long Desc: A dragon's tooth lies here.

Look altar
On the altar rests the long dagger used by Ironbrain himself to slay all followers who disobey his rules.

Look North:
The Altar covers most of the northern wall.

Look East:
You see an imposing golden door with an ornate lock.

Look South:
A wave of vertigo threatens to overcome you as your gaze plunges into the depths of empty space! You quickly turn away, closing your eyes.

Look West:
You see a beautiful mithril plaque on the wall above the bench.

Look Up:
The stone on the ceiling forms a strange, intricate design.

Look Down:
The floor is made from a hard and smooth substance.

Look plaque
These are the rules of the Syndicate. Strict adherence to these rules is imperative. The Syndicate will meet disobedience with instant death and expulsion. Conversely, a job well done will be richly rewarded.
1- As a member of the Syndicate, I will give you special assignments. Just do them.
2- Be aware that these assignments will often require you to PK.
3- Do not get attached to your worldy possessions. Equipment means nothing, gold even less. Skills and abilities are all that matter.
4- You shall sacrifice to me (when I'm logged on) all magical equipment that you don't want or cannot wear, or that I order you to give me.
5- You shall NEVER help Goods, or those who stay Neutral by choice. However, newbies are the blood and life of TFC, you may help them if you so desire.
6- Thou shalt not kill unless DIRECTLY ordered to do so by me, or in IMMEDIATE retaliation for a confirmed attack on the Syndicate.
7- No whining!