The Haven

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As they enter this domain, the veil of water guarding the doorway parts for those that belong here. To any other, it possesses the power to keep them from passing over the threshold. The entirety of the floor is swirling molten lava that supports the weight of its permanent denizens, conforming to whatever touches it, soothing, not burning. The trees against each of the four corners stand proudly; cedar, oak, pine and sycamore. Their trunks and branches smooth out to become flat and meld into the surface of each wall, becoming part of the surrounding fortress themselves. The open ceiling allows for an admirable glimpse of the skies above at any time of day or night. An angry wind howls, sweeping throughout the room at an incredible speed, bathing the atmosphere in the earthy scents of cedar and pine. Mimicking the sound of tiny wings flapping, exposed leaves on the trees move freely at the current's command, displaying their silver underbellies. At the very heart of the room there is a comforting calmness, a large carved stone carefully centered upon the floor, a spiritual form hovering above its surface. A single smaller stone is placed in front of each wall, capturing one of the four main Elements of nature. Upon the Eastern wall hangs a large mural, the Southern wall half-hidden by a smaller tapestry.
A large carved stone is centered on the floor.

look altar:
This rough, granite stone is circular and stands roughly twenty hands high. Cut into the front of the stone is what appears to be a small door, five horizontal, wavy lines the color of white carved into its surface. A keyhole is barely visible upon it.

look 2.spirit:
This man is nothing more than an ethereal mist, yet there is no detail missing from his translucent form, only color. His long hair hangs below his shoulders and he wears a double-breasted tailcoat over the top of a shirt with a ruffled front. His attire also consists of a waistcoat embroidered with tiny fleur-de-lis, a bow tie and boots. His slight movements are full of grace and the air about him is completely calm, offering a sense of comfort to those that approach. His lurid gaze seems to pierce through the soul of whoever looks upon him.

look north:
A granite stone rests in front of the wall here, five wavy lines the color of brown carved into its surface. An Earth Elemental stands on top of it.

look earth:
Similar to the typical golems, this Earth Elemental consists of dirt, earth and rocks. It is a two-legged creature made from mud, most of its body resembling the shape of a human form. Its feet, however, appear to look like tree trunks and its hands each only have three claws. Its gaping maw seems to be "drooling" muddy water.

look east:
A granite stone rests in front of the wall here, five wavy lines the color of yellow carved into its surface. An Air Elemental spins on top of it.

look air:
Consisting solely of moving air, this Elemental appears as a shape of dense fog resembling a tornado. It levitates freely above the stone, capturing anything that it might come in contact with.

look south:
A granite stone rests in front of the wall here, five wavy lines the color of red carved into its surface. A Fire Elemental dances over its top.

look fire:
This fiery being consists of pure flame and is used for light, heat, and personal protection. Tiny arms and hands can be seen quite vividly, its eyes, mouth and fingers glowing with more intensity than the rest.

look west:
A granite stone rests in front of the wall here, five wavy lines the color of blue carved into its surface. A Water Elemental occupies the top of it.

look water:
This Elemental is in the shape of a smaller wave, resting on top of the stone. The crest of the wave forms a head and arms, each having only four fingers. Water constantly moves over the surface, yet none is spilled.

look ceiling:
There is no ceiling visible here, only a wide open expanse allowing an incredible view of the skies above.

look mural:
This haunting piece portrays DarkClaw standing within a shadowed room, gazing into a floor-length mirror before her. Instead of seeing her own reflection, a fierce black tiger stares back at her with hungry eyes, fangs bared and stained with blood. Is it symbolic? The quality of this work is of the finest seen, the texture of the fabric smooth as silk to the touch. Oddly enough, it appears as if it is three-dimensional. Magic, perhaps?

look tapestry:
This tapestry is a curious piece. On the left side of the fabric stands a man with long, blonde hair and empty black eyes. His clothing is all of black, tight-fitting material and the blood moon hangs low behind him. His expression is one of hunger and ferocity, yet his gaze holds a certain loneliness. Opposite this stands a different man with short brown hair and light green eyes, his features soft, his lips curved into a gentle smile. He is dressed in full-plate armor and holding a helmet beneath his left arm. The sun shines with magnificence high in the skies above him.

Office: DarkClaw's Elemental Lair

[Exits: north]
The darkness of this room is almost consuming, save for the faint glow from the fireplace set into the southern wall. The burning embers within the hearth seem to come alive and dance over what's left of the charred logs, causing shadows to play upon the huge pile of furs spread across the floor. To the east is a writhing vortex that allows no hint of what lies beyond its currents, the shifting shadows of the surface underfoot echoing its rhythm in movement. The sound of water can be heard coming from the west, a large sheet of rain pouring in from the skies above, through the open ceiling. Odd that it only inhabits that space. To the north stands a barricade made of silvery tree bark, no exit visible upon its surface. A large dragon-skin cushion lays in the southeast corner of the room.

This bark has a silvery hue, its texture unflawed and smooth to the touch.

Look EAST:
Eddies of air shift and writhe at tremendous speed, causing an ongoing current
of wind to sweep throughout the room.

At close observation, the flames upon the logs appear as tiny figures of fire,
performing their own dance to the same beat of the vortex.

Look WEST:
A continual sheet of rainwater pours downward, disappearing as it touches the
shadowed floor.

Look UP:
There is no ceiling visible here, only a wide open expanse allowing for an
incredible view of the skies above.

Look DOWN:
The floor seems to be made of nothing more than a large stretch of shifting

Look cushion dragon skin dragon-skin:
This large cushion is made of tough dragon-skin and filled with the soft
feathers of a griffin.